7 day average falls slightly


For the first time since September, the 7 day average trend for infections has fallen slightly, from 1 132 to 1 129. It’s probably better to call it flat but it is a positive sign

Without getting carried away, perhaps we can say that the restrictions on meetings in indoor household settings across Glasgow City, East Renfrewshire, Renfrewshire, East Dunbartonshire, West Dunbartonshire, North Lanarkshire and South Lanarkshire have not only slowed the increase but, in the last 7 days have flattened the curve even after the spikes on the university campuses.

This contrast with the figures for the UK as a whole which continue to climb from 14 972, seven days ago to 17 646 yesterday, a rise of 17.8% in only one week .

With ten times the population, England had more than 16 times the number of new cases and 72 times the number of deaths, yesterday.

The infection rate in Scotland was the lowest in the UK, yesterday:

This explains BBC Scotland’s fondness for the R number.


9 thoughts on “7 day average falls slightly”

  1. I agree SG and it’s advisers, SNHS, and T&P personnel have a visibly better grasp on the situation despite what DRoss, Leotard and the assembled mafia of Scottish media would have the populace believe, north AND south of the border. Yet beyond the Bitter Together verbage it could still quickly go pear shaped, yet I’ve greater confidence SG and it’s advisers are indeed “following the science” when clearly southward thet are not, the latest fiasco being Manchester, the cause, finance…
    We really should remind ourselves that the strategy SG deployed is what every emergency planner across the UK expected, yet in England it vanished under politicos with a totally different agenda on what minimising social damage means – What you don’t know can’t hurt you.
    We should be grateful these asswipes only control the BBC etc. up Norf.

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    1. An ‘SNP person’ is not ever likely to be a ‘royal representative’, whatever that actually means. Does the guy get paid? If so, where does the money come from? What does the position entail?
      Is there a RR office in Aberdeenshire? Maybe he is er, perfect for the job!


  2. As ever my gloomy Calvinist psyche comes to the fore – perhaps the recent dip is due to the under-reporting due to failures at the Lighthouse testing centres (of which we shall learn hee-haw, ‘to protect commercial confidentiality) and the actual figures, when eventually reported, will make things MUCH WORSE!

    In fact there is scope for BBC Scotland to do a ‘tip of the iceberg’ piece. “A source at the QEUH, while at a dinner party with a BBC Scotland journalist, revealed …..”


  3. Today on BBC world news they announce plans to purposely infect young people to bolster the progress of “heard immunity”

    They don’t say what the definition of “young people is”

    Crazy to infect anyone on purpose
    You never know for sure what effect it will have on them

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    1. Who is they? Young people can die of Covid and do, sadly, The WHO would surely be horrified to hear of anyone being deliberately infected with a deadly, highly infectious disease. Who would volunteer, or would they be forced? Would they quarantine or be out in the community infecting others? Never heard anything so frightening, purposedly infecting ‘young’ people. Any more info on this?


      1. ArtyHetty,
        See my post below about this. No one would get permission for what Terence has described above unless they are a graduate of the Mengele School of Medicine


    2. Was it not the case that they are looking for young people without any underlying conditions to test out one of the new vaccines? This would be the last stage in the series of trials the vaccine goes thru before being licensed for use.

      These young, healthy volunteers will be given the vaccine then exposed to the Sars-Cov2 virus. Thus a test of whether the vaccine actually works by producing an immune reaction that prevents infection by the virus.

      There was a report about this on the news last night.


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