Scottish Head Teacher’s Leader doesn’t ‘warn’ but praises Nicola Sturgeon

He did. He was talking about the the situation in England when he mentioned the ‘confusion and stress‘ and contrasting it with Scotland.

I know, you’d never know that, reading the above headline.

Was writer David Bol up late writing this?

The article too is a ball of confusion.

Essentially, it’s saying that the First Minister is already considering ‘triggers’ for closing schools if things get worse and that the EIS is calling on her to consider ‘triggers’ for closing schools if things get worse.

That’s good then, isn’t it?

Now what about that ‘confusion and stress‘ that Nicola has been warned of?

Is the EIS warning Nicola about it?



Is someone else warning her then?



It’s General Secretary of School Leaders (Heidies) Scotland, Jim Thewliss, talking about stress and confusion in England because of a ‘lack of transparency and poor communication’, by the UK Government.

He’s not warning Nicola.

But the headline says….

I know, I know.

Then the Heidie’s Heidie goes on to praise the Scottish Government and Nicola for not being like that and being good at communicating with teachers.

Ah, got it.

Who did you say wrote it?

One thought on “Scottish Head Teacher’s Leader doesn’t ‘warn’ but praises Nicola Sturgeon”

  1. The Herald again? Getting the facts wrong. Or manipulating them for click bait and advertising revenues. Groundhog Day. Par for the course. Why do they bother. Going into extinction mode. Like a Dalek.Remember them. The knackers yard. Now sold on eBay.

    Pity about the Herald. Into the abyss. Once fine paper destroyed by unionists. Exterminate, exterminate. 75% of readers support Independence. The Herald does not. Losing it’s own readership. Demise.


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