‘Co-opting’ the EU to tell sCotland ‘No chance’ Ho Ho, good one!

In one of the most bizarre suggestions from a supposed ‘think-tank‘, Hanbury, commissioned by an increasingly anxious Conservative Government to think of new ways to counter the surge in support for independence has come up with the idea of ‘pressuring the European Union to nix (sic) the idea of Scotland re-joining the bloc as an independent country.’

Reported in Bloomberg, yesterday, the authors argue against any aggressive, full-frontal attack on the SNP or the wider movement, suggesting it would be counter-productive.

Wow! What a stunning insight!

Instead, they recommend ‘Operation Sneaky Gove’, making the SNP ‘pay the price‘ for running a devolved administration and ‘co-opting the EU into demonstrating that there is no viable pathway to renewed membership.

Money for old, useless, rope?

How would they make the SNP ‘pay the price‘ without the fact that they are deliberately, nastily, doing so and making Scots pay for it, being revealed? George Foulkes would spot it!

And, ‘co-opting the EU?’ That’s a good one. Tell us, what credit does this UK Government have with the EU? What favours can they call in? Don’t make us laugh.

Hanbury was set up by Ameet Gill, David Cameron’s director of strategy, and Paul Stephenson, director of communications for Vote Leave. One of the firm’s partners is James Kanagasooriam, who worked with the Scottish Conservatives on elections in 2016 and 2017.

Back to the ‘drawing board‘ boys.

8 thoughts on “‘Co-opting’ the EU to tell sCotland ‘No chance’ Ho Ho, good one!”

  1. I’m sure the EU27 will willingly oblige in helping out the EngBrexiters to thwart Scotland’s chances of becoming an actual ‘equal partner’ (Cameron’s mythological fable told to Scotland in 2014, ‘equal partner’ lol in the UK, lol) in the EU bloc, not. Though, the BritNats might have already handed a few backhanders to some in the EU27 for a piece of Scotland, be it land, oil, fishing grounds, renewables, haggis, take it, but tell them Scots they won’t be getting a seat at the EU table, no way. Depends who is mostly likely conned by the BritNats, and pigs will fly. Get used to it BritNats, Scotland will be welcomed into the EU with open arms post independence.

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  2. “Operation Sneaky Gove” 🤣…not so much a new initiative than a continuation then.
    I imagine most of Brussels morning croissant consumption on reading the “co-opting the EU” involuntarily hit the pavement with a chorus of coughing and laughter…
    What planet or illicit substances are these people on ?

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  3. Money for old rope. The Tories will be voted out. Johnston not long to go. The EU supports self determination and self governance. The reason Scotland got Devolution with EU help. Scotland had less democracy than emerging European states, as part of the UK.

    Westminster would have been sanctioned. Breaking International Law with impunity. The Courts have to sort them out, Stop their abuses. The Tories appalling policies. Austerity, killing people. Especially the elderly who vote for them. Self determined early death. The lowest life expectancy in Europe.

    People just have to vote for it and they will. Especially the young. SNP/Independence support rising. No matter what some psycho Tory bastards do. Their own description. The Brexit mess and shambles. Unbelievable. Catastrophe unfolding,


  4. As Coporal Jones would say Dont Panic
    Or as Adolf would in his final days in the Berlin Bunker
    Move up the 2nd Army to the front,That in reality was decimated and completely cut off by the Soviets
    Or as King Canute would tell the tide to go back
    All this is nothing other than completely delusional thinking by them and may be classified as true Insanity
    What the hell do their so called consultant experts know about the Yes movement
    Nothing,Ziltch ,SFA,
    They think it is all about the SNP
    But here what it is about
    1.Their terrible governance
    2.Arrogance and disdain towards us
    3.Preventing themselves from
    b. Loss of Trident
    c. Loss of any influence in World affairs
    d. Loss of our massive natural resources
    e. And far far more to list here
    They lied to us,laughed at us,ignored us,thought we were too stupid,robbed us,
    And once more the list can go on & on
    So let us look at the realty of what The Bankrupts can offer us if we elect to remain
    No matter what they say what shall be offerred
    They are Bankrupt now and this is fully known at the highest levels
    So as the cake upon the table to cut and divide diminishes,with little left to bake a new one with once our departure arrives
    Here is the only deal if we remain
    1.Generations of supersonic Austerity
    2. Lowest pension and eventual ending of
    3.Privatiasation of NHS
    4.Delusional ridiculous Defence spending
    5.Severe threat of very serious civil unrest in
    England along with a strong likelihood of a 2nd English civil war
    6.Brexit effects in food,& medical supplies
    7.Brexit race to the bottom
    8.A low wage unskilled economy
    9.Ever increasing poverty and food banks
    10.Ever increasing corruption at the highest
    Once more the list can go on & on
    They are indeed Old Mother Hubbard with a empty cupboard other than a stack of debt notes
    These consultants are meant to be clever
    Maybe so
    But in the Wisdom Dept.they score zero
    So let the Mad Mad Mad Dogs bark at the moon
    We know what we are going to do and how to
    Why because we have the capabilities and resources to do so



  5. It’s true Westminster and co are hanging with a threed Scotland will have it’s independence
    With or without Westminster sect 30 order but I think we need to go on the 31st of December as Westminster and co will close us down

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  6. The main reason that the EU haven’t endorced Scottish independence has been their claim that they do not interfere in the internal politics of a MEMBER state.
    There were other reasons but they all come back to the UK being a Member state.
    They will have a different response in a few months time when they will have little interest in placating London’s Tories and probably quite a few reasons to woo Edinburgh.

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    1. The principal reason for Brexit (not the reasons for which many people voted with sincerity) was to maintain the money laundering practised by the City of London. This was where the big propaganda money came from which was channeled, unaccountably, but ‘perfectly’ legally through Northern Ireland.) The EU next year will introduce substantially tighter and more transparent financial transaction regulations and the clique behind Farage, et al, saw this as a derailing of the gravy train.

      The UK Government could not give a monkey’s about fishing, but is using it as a fig leaf to cover their dirty dealings in the negotiations. They want a deal which licenses the City to continue to operate in Europe. However, having financial centres in Frankfurt, Paris, Luxembourg, Dublin, Milan, the EU is not taking ‘the bait’ (Did you notice my smart punning?????? No?)

      A little noticed aspect of the ‘Internal Market/Power Grab Act, the UK also assumes powers held by places like Jersey and, the heid bummer in Jersey (an ex Tory by the way) has issued a strong statement that they are breaking international law as well as they are doing with regard to Northern Ireland.

      This is a truly nasty government, being run in the interests of a small but immensely powerful clique.

      If Scotland becomes independent then the UK loses 51% of its territory (including the sea area), it loses most of the oil and gas fields, it loses the 25% of Europes’s potential renewable energy, it loses the bulk of the fishing grounds, it loses the bulk of the fresh water and it faces reduced access channels to the open seas via Scottish waters (which is why Faslane is the nuclear base.) It is these factors which underpin the pond sterling and, if these are removed then the pound becomes far shakier. This is the real reason why independence for Scotland is opposed by Westminster.

      However, this is a reason why an independent Scotland, like other independent countries would be viable and also a reason why the EU – without perfidious Albion – would be happy to accept an independent Scotland as a member.


  7. After all this brainstorming from a Brit Nit “Think Tank” (the same people who put moron in oxymoron), I suspect the main outcome will be for DRossy to have more time to spend with his Coo videos.


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