Scotland in Union Can’t even swing a wee bit

Opinion polls often temporarily swing‘ says SiU boss after 10 polls in a row, favouring Yes.

Polls can swing, except those for Scotland in Union – strong and stable at ‘not enough‘ to matter:

‘Oops. We couldn’t find enough data about this website. Most likely, there is not enough traffic to ge ta reliable result.’

‘Please try checking another website.’

7 thoughts on “Scotland in Union Can’t even swing a wee bit

  1. Looks like some just can’t ‘get used to it’ doesn’t it. The tide has turned, there’s no going back, the genie is out the bottle, the people of Scotland can see exactly how the BritNat government in England have behaved re Brexit, and also Covid, appallingly. A clear indication of how appalling the future will be under the boot of the English elite and their lackeys in Scotland. It’s a clear choice, sink, be sunk, or swim Scotland.

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  2. The vacuous spokeswumin for absentee landlords, huntin’ shootin’ estates, and international capitalism was a failed Labour MP—though to be fair, she was only one of many.
    Now Pamela is gnashing her shiny teeth because she is failing at her pith helmet agitprop job as well.
    Whit next, after that–a job at BBC Hootmon or the burroo?
    Maybe rattling a cup, wi yer pair wee dug–ootside the Wallace Tower.

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  3. I noted the same denial of the obvious trend with “polls go up and down” from Starmer in an interview.
    For Nash and her not so secret society of scriveners this must as bitter a blow as for the Tory manipulators. If this result is after months of relentless propaganda bombardment, what must current support levels for independence really be?


  4. In a recent interview of NNC Scotland along with Blair Jenkins, Ms Nash several times referred to the Prime Minister solely as ‘Boris’, in somewhat warm tones implying “Isn’t Boris such a lovable rogue? Life is fun when he’s around”. She avoided attempts to invite her to comment on Mr Starmer’s views and his and the Labour Party’s poll standings.


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