only bbc scotland risks lives to score

BBC England stands four-square with the PM as he appears to take a firm stand on compliance with his strategy to suppress the virus and to save lives.

Even in rebellious Labour-controlled Manchester, he dominates the narrative:

BBC Wales works with the devolved Labour-controlled government to explain its strategy to save lives:

In Northern Ireland, there will be criticism but it is muted.

In Scotland, it’s different. The government which has achieved the lowest infection and death rates in the UK and the only one attempting to compensate for the reduced UK Government funding for the hospitality sector, has its attempts to save lives undermined and the petulance of greedy millionaires foregrounded:

When babies die in hospitals or when capital projects are late, only BBC Scotland uses a picture of an apparently upset minister. I’m surprised they haven’t used a nasty snap of Kate Forbes for the above. Has her wiping the floor with all-comers on Question Time made her less-appealing to them?

2 thoughts on “only bbc scotland risks lives to score

  1. My friends in Northumberland seem to be extremely sceptical of Johnson’s three tier ‘lockdown’, but maybe that’s the plan, divide and rule. Anything the Tory EngGov say is poo pooed, viewed as OTT. Plenty of ammunition then for some to rebel, playing right into Tory/red Tory mucky paws.
    It’s crucial to outwit your opponent, anticipate their every move, or, you lose and could be destroyed. Been watching too much ‘Andromeda’ but it’s quite a compelling insight into how humans function and project their own values onto others.


  2. The BBC is loyal to No 10, and has had to be (?) after the threats from Cameroon and Johnson.
    The BBC also show regional loyalty, and pride in, the area they broadcast in.

    Except for Scotland, where it is a mirror image of our colonial press.
    The BBC in Scotland is a Trojan Horse, a Fifth Column, working directly against the interests of the Scottish people.


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