The Excess deaths ‘cringe’ to expose scotland and shield england though 33% more over-65s died there

Scotland’s media choose their language carefully to make sure none could ever think we have succeeded in something.

The truth is that despite the Herald’s attempt to hide our better performance and Imperial College London’s attempt to hide England’s unique horror, Scotland has done better to reduce excess deaths after a bad started tied to a maniac.

Imperial College’s research published in Nature Medicine does not of course use the above headline but in the text does say:

The fourth group of countries, which experienced the highest mortality toll, consists of Belgium, Italy, Scotland, Spain and England and Wales.

More precisely though, they go on to say:

In absolute terms, the total mortality toll of the pandemic was overwhelmingly in those aged 65 years and older, who experienced 94% of all excess deaths. In relative terms, older people were also affected more, with mortality in these ages being ~40% higher than it would have been in the absence of the pandemic in Spain and England and Wales and ~30% higher in Belgium, Scotland and Italy. The largest effect on those younger than 65 years was in England and Wales—26% (20–32%) for males and 22% (17–28%) for females—followed by Scotland, Spain, Sweden and Italy.

So, excess deaths among the over-65s was 33% higher in England and Wales than in Scotland and also for the under-65’s, it was lower by some unspecified amount.

Now remember, this comes after a very bad start as Scotland followed the 4 Nations approach, pressurised to do so by the same media and the opposition parties, denied full access to decision-making and ill-advised by the SAGE herd immunity guys being bullied by Johnson and Cummings. By the time we broke free at the end of March, the beast was in.

Look at what we achieved in reducing excess deaths once we had control:

Excess deaths at, even below, the five year averages

14 thoughts on “The Excess deaths ‘cringe’ to expose scotland and shield england though 33% more over-65s died there

  1. All one has to do is to go and look at a Country which is fully Sovereign
    Similar in geography,population size and demographics to Scotland
    Then look at Norway
    Since the very start of the pandemic they were well prepared and followed WHO guidelines
    They locked down fast ensuring full border control,14 day rigidly enforced quarantine of
    Foreign arrivals,Full pay to all and built a test trace system fully fit for purpose which has without doubt firmly nipped the 2 nd wave well and truly in the bud
    Their economy has suffered minimal damage
    But will you hear ABC (BBC ) & the MSM refer to any of the above,far less the stats.below
    No.of infections
    Norway 15770. I.E.2902/ million
    Scotland 41256 no. 7501/ million
    England. 540396 no. 9742/million 30% + than Scotland
    No.of deaths

    Norway 277 no. 51/ million
    Scotland 2557no. 465/million
    England. 38185 no. 688/million 48.2 % + than Scotland
    These stats demonstrate beyond all doubt that Not being tied to The Union is not only a matter of health but also 1 of losing as little wealth as possible
    I challenge the MSM to counteract

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  2. This is just an exampler for “The Big Lie”.

    The media which operates in Scotland, seek always to portray us as ” the worst, poorest, least able” country in the world.

    The the BBC this morning.
    “Speed of test results for NHS staff”. Is this through UK labs?
    “Row over uniformed Scout”. The scouts appear at the conferences of the three Brit Nat parties in England–for “conversations”!
    “Covid MP takes part in Commons vote”. Is the Tory charged with rape voting on Commons business?

    None of the BBC reporting is in any context, or with perspective.
    It’s one reason few people now trust them, or the press.

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    1. Gavin O.
      They are schooled in removing information from their reports that would allow any comparison to be made.

      Last night ITV news discussed Covid, no mention of the 17,000 odd new infections in UK.,
      Dinner time BBC’s Radio Stn in Scotland, discussing Old Firm fans going ton lackpool to watch game on pubs. Report was by a political correspondent, stated that new infections in B’pool are high, omitted giving any figures.

      It’s not journalism

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  3. BBC’s Radio Station based in Scotland
    8.10 am discussion with Donald MacAskill and another. Re Slow turn round for Covid Testing in Care homes. Call was made for review of testing. The BBC interviewer didn’t point out that a review of testing was announced by the FM earlier this week during a Covid Update.

    8.33 am Gary Robertson played part of interview where Scottish expert on testing said there is a problem with the UK run Lighthouse Lab in Glasgow, but we don’t know what the cause is as these labs are cloaked in secrecy.

    So if your work started at 8.30, you might think the problem with testing in care homes was a Scot. Gov responsibility.

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    1. ABC Scotland 6:30 news were obviously not impressed by FMs warnings about going to Blackpool for a Big Screen football piss up.
      They interviewed Blackpools Public Health guy who said their rate was ‘only’ 200 / 100,000 and it would be OK if you wash your hands.
      Yet another attempt to undermine the FMs message regardless of possible damage to our health.


      1. Alex
        I also watched ABC
        Pathetic they were
        But as for the so-called PHE expert well
        Words fail me
        I thought he was a Tourist officer promoting Blackpool
        Plague upon both their houses
        But ABC must thought they struck gold
        Whilst it was merely Fools Gold
        Enough said to think that there are no depths to which the ABC shall plumb

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  4. I wrote this to someone the other day who was tarring Holyrood and Westminster with the same very negative brush regarding Covid-19 management.

    ‘Where would you point to internationally for an indication of what Scotland’s government, parliament and health care system COULD and SHOULD have done that would have led to very different national outcomes?

    And when making your selection – when looking for a comparator specifically for Scotland – remember you need to be identifying a sub-state or devolved administration. Comparison of Scotland with a nation-state (e.g. like New Zealand) which has ALL powers to act is NOT a relevant or reasonable comparator.

    I’d be really interested to learn of a devolved administration that was able to perform very much better than the nation-state in which it is located and which it is dependent upon for control of borders; for borrowing or printing money (Quantitative Easing) to boost public finances and enable restrictions on business activity; for control over most fiscal, labour market and social security (i.e. Universal Credit type) powers; and which has to contend with an invariably hostile media towards the devolved/sub-state government.’

    And yet despite these severe constraints on Scotland’s government, parliament and public health response, we have seen – as The Tusker has documented – Scotland performing better that England, albeit not as well as we might under different circumstances.

    And of course by contrast, it is perfectly reasonable to make international comparisons between England’s handling of the pandemic and any other nation-state because ‘England’ through the Westminster parliament and government has direct access to ALL the powers it needs. Only England of the four UK nations has the agency to manage the pandemic in ways comparable to those of independent nation states.

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  5. A few days ago btl in another place I mused about the nature of the differences between how Scotland and England could deal with the pandemic. Some are obvious, others perhaps less so.

    They include but probably not limited to:

    – control over borders – and the timing and nature of exerting control

    – access to funds deemed necessary to invest in public health infrastructure and activity – both in terms of the amount that can be used but also certainty over the timing of its availability

    – access to funds deemed necessary to enable economic (business and employment) mitigation measures – both in terms of the amount that can be used and again certainty over the timing of its availability.

    It seems to me that clarity/certainty in advance over what can be available overall in terms of finance to deal with an ’emergency’ is a huge advantage. The Westminster government has this, the devolved governments never do.

    Having this advantage means that a government is able to plan a longer term intervention strategy and is also able to respond in time and at scale as it deems necessary, in the knowledge that the necessary and sufficient funding is secure.

    Unlike the Westminster government, the devolved governments (with very limited or no borrowing powers) have to wait until additional necessary finance is made available – and for the intricacies and uncertainties of ‘Consequential’ to be resolved for each increment of funding – at an amount and at a time chosen by a neighbouring country.

    (And of course we are reliant on additional finance being made available by a neighbouring country with a government holding all monetary and most fiscal levers that has NO incentive to be supportive of Scotland’s SNP government.)

    Moreover, independent nation states do not have their population served by a public service broadcaster and wider corporate media that are driven by an agenda to undermine the credentials of the national government for constitutional reasons – even in a public health emergency. England as the UK does not have this disadvantage.

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