BBC Wales hides Labour call for border with England

It’s in the Hereford Times and the New European but you’d never know from the MSM that the Labour First Minister for Wales has called for border controls to stop travellers from highly-infected parts of England coming into parts of Wales with low infection levels.

He’s only asking for the same limits those in more infected parts of Wales face, on travel within Wales, but the Prime Minister has rejected his request. See the wee story, above, at the bottom, second left.

BBC Wales are clearly not going there, as they say.

Back in May, however, they had been happy to report the same First Minister saying that a border was not a ‘real option.’

Scotland’s First Minister has called on the public not to travel to and from infected areas in England but has yet to suggests border controls like her Labour counter-part in Wales. I guess we know why.

‘Racist’ protesters at the Scottish-English border were ‘inspired by comments by SNP politicians’, a Tory MP has claimed.

7 thoughts on “BBC Wales hides Labour call for border with England

  1. There would be a border quick enough if the high infection rates were the other way round.
    And the Torygraf, Daily Heil, Sun & Supress and London Tims would be leading the charge.

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  2. To their credit Ch4 news reported on this on Monday. That was the night Ch4 news did not cover the PM’s press conference that started at 7pm.
    Merely dipping in and out as they saw fit and once more highlighting the fact that they could not get a UK Gov minister onto the programme to be interviewed.

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  3. It’s got to be a First for BBC Scotland carrying not one, not two but three negative SNP stories today about the Scout ‘in uniform’ apparently ‘endorsing’ the SNP, the dodgy Care home owners over relaxed measures and Margaret Ferrier voting by ‘proxy’. The auntie Scot Gov Campaign appears to be stepping up a gear in PQ.

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    1. Don’t forget their contribution to the Pro-Union campaign. Last night’s Reporting Scotland had a big report on the new runway at RAF Lossiemouth. The cost: £400 million all spent by a wonderful UK Gov to defend us and of course the huge economic contribution the base makes to the local economy. We are so blessed.

      Tory constituency is it by any chance?

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