Lord McConnell’s Labour Party lost its way in 1911

Is Gordon Brown too tired these days? Is Lord McConnell the new dinosaur ‘they’ wheel in now?

Lord Jack McConnell has been popping up frequently in the Scottish media (That’s NOT the way to do it!!) to criticise the Scottish Government, regardless of any facts and today he wants to seem elder statesman-like with a pompous and evidence-free pronouncement on how things should be done, headed up with this special, I’m special so I am, snap:

Sitting exclusively? Sitting for? Sitting at the Scottish Parliament? My Lord, you do us a great honour!

Epitomising everything about how the Labour Party lost its way in 1911 when Labour’s Richard Haldane wasraised to the peerage.’

Few in Scotland can take a former socialist seriously when they come back ennobled, to tell us what to do. Frankly, he and his like can just….

Having said that, you might wonder why I’m bothering at all. I don’t really know but, in the absence of a better idea right now, some of you might want to see what he said. Here’s how the Herald, proud, deeply respectful and loyal owners of the above image, open:

Emergency laws brought in by the Scottish Government in response to coronavirus lack proper checks and balances, a former first minister has claimed. Lord McConnell said Holyrood seemed “to have lost its way” over the new legislation.

Then, we get these pearls:

The Scottish legislation does not contain all the checks needed? Your party designed it. Blame Donald Dewar?

Few opportunities to speak up? Watch the daily broadcasts and see the many and often too-lengthy examples?

Worried constituents? See the opinion polls and marvel, as he must, at the massive support for and trust in the SNP Government?

Controversies avoided? By letting Richard Leonard and James Kelly share in decision-making? You really think so? The opinion polls say that only 6% trust them.

Dithering? Dithering? Richard Leonard, James Kelly could dither for the UK. Mind you Ruth Davidson wouldn’t dither. She’d charge in buffalo-like smashing everything. That what you want?

Inconsistency in lockdown restrictions? Targeted? You prefer blanket? Everybody suffers regardless, like in Stalin’s day?

Consent is precious? A majority in a democracy with proportional representation is not consent?

Go away?

5 thoughts on “Lord McConnell’s Labour Party lost its way in 1911

  1. “Is Lord McConnell the new dinosaur ‘they’ wheel in now?”
    They finally realised Broon was being ignored after the 2014 debacle, McConnell drew the short straw, and the media have been promoting his pontifications ever since.
    No surprise, he is also being ignored.

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  2. The first idiot to stand on a platform to “do less”.
    The electorate answered Labour by “voting for them less”.


  3. If my memory serves me correctly . . . Wasn’t he a member of the SNP during his student days.
    Apparently he jumped ship when it dawned on him that he wouldn’t got into the Lords if he stayed in the SNP.


  4. Labour not supporting the EU or Europe. Unite to stop funding? McConnell not supporting Scotland. Now unelectable. Can’t count or analyse statistics. Does not support education. An ex maths teacher. Where did it all go wrong? Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Not a good record.

    Pack it in the daily record. Spin and lies. No compromise. Same old, same old. Not new Labour. Dinosaurs living in the past. Non sequential of no relevance. Well past their sell by date. They sold out. Long ago. Drawing a wage of extravagance. £Millionaires on the public purse. Total hypocrites.


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