More and faster!

UPDATE: A9 reopens southbound at Tore roundabout reopens following crash,  Traffic Scotland confirms
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From NHS Scotland today, for August 2020:

There were 122,733 attendances at A&E services.

92.9% of attendances at A&E services were seen and resulted in a subsequent admission, transfer or discharge within 4 hours.

In NHS England, there were 1 039 471 attendances in Type 1, full, A&E departments, and 84.4% were seen in 4 hours:

Despite having only 85% of the attendance level in full A&E departments, NHS England was still slower in treating them by 9%.

2 thoughts on “More and faster!”

    1. The information on a wide range of NHS related topics is published every Tuesday formerly by ISD Scotland and now PHS Scotland site.

      If NHS Scotland had been subject to the same degree of meddling, cost-cutting austerity , staff shortages and crap health secretaries as NHS England has been since 2010 would it be in the same position?

      The staff in NHS England are no less skilled and no less dedicated than the staff in NHS Scotland. They are however poorly served by the politicians in charge and the placemen and women they put in to carry out their privatisation agenda.

      Therefore the differences in outcomes should not be used to suggest or imply or infer a superiority in the staff but to point out with a high degree of certainty the deficiencies of the political oversight and ideology being implemented.

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