BBC Scotland hide how UK Government hid Brexit plans from Scotland

Headline story in the Herald, above but nowhere in BBC Politics:

On Twitter, Glenn Campbell is concentrating on the latest from Douglas Ross while Sara Smith is still going on about ironing her clothes and Alistair Campbell’s all-too-understandable depression.

From Guido Fawkes, no friend of Scottish independence:

A leaked Brexit planning document has revealed the extent to which the UK Government has had to hide information from the devolved administrations in recent months. The Government’s “Transition period planning assumptions (central case)” document, written and circulated to Cabinet ministers in June, includes detailed plans on subsidy control that have only now appeared in the Internal Market Bill. Key lines were deliberately withheld from devolved administrations…Cabinet ministers were warned that plans to revoke EU laws through statutory instruments, and for the UK government to assume control of state aid throughout the UK “should not be shared publicly or with the devolved administrations at this stage”.

UK Government Hid Brexit Plans From Devolved Administrations

15 thoughts on “BBC Scotland hide how UK Government hid Brexit plans from Scotland”

  1. This alone should be enough to have thousands of angry claymore-wielding Scots on the streets. And then when you see toady ‘Scots’ like Gove at the heart of it… haud ma jaiket…

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  2. Well that’s not surprising in the least. Worrying thing is, the Scot BritNat MP’s and probs MSP’s are perfectly happy with that situation and go along with it, and also, what ELSE is the EngGov hiding from Scotland!
    Brexit is THE most undemocratic and constitutional attack on Scotland since the taking over of the Scottish parliament and the forced occupation of the country of Scotland 300+ years ago. It will damage Scotland no end, economically, socially, politically and culturally. It’s an attack on the very fabric of Scotland’s nationhood, which surely in the eyes of the world, in particular the rEU should to be condemned at every level and every opportunity. The rEU have all gone quiet though have they not?
    Where are we at with the EU, and I mean Scotland, has the EngGov sold Scotland as part of their ‘deal’, or is Scotland still up for grabs?
    We all knew the (dodgy) no vote in 2014 would not be good for Scotland, but it’s becoming apparent, along with Brexit, that Scotland being shackled to the BritNats ever more right wing regime, means a struggle just to keep any amount of autonomy. We cannot allow the work of the SNP’s work in starting to repair the damage of 300+ years of BritNat rule, to be reversed, it would be utterly tragic.

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  3. This squalid government, with slithery creeps like Gove.
    This squalid “Union” which is no kind of union at all.
    This squalid BBC Scotland which “manages” what we get told.

    This is precisely why this site, and John Robertson, are so very important. Now Wings has gone rogue, YES has few resources to free our country from being handcuffed to a right-wing, nationalist England.
    Time is running out.

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      1. Anne
        Who pulling the strings for Wings
        If you like a gamble/bet
        Put your house on infiltration by MI5
        Read the history infiltrate,spy,report and sow division if opportunity presents
        And if they ever found out then you would be totally shocked who the rat was


  4. There is no point in this info being bandied about amongst ourselves. This duplicitous behaviour which underpins what our opponents class as grievance must be put out to a wider audience. To the switherers and soft 2014 No voters.
    Someone with Internet savvy must be able to do this. Not to other indy sites though that should be done, but out there. Articles, letters to the MSM.

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  5. Vote them out. An election coming soon. Time is running out for them. Losing support. Tanking, They will not last very much longer. The Tory total mess and shambles of corruption.

    Who wants the poisoned chalice? Not Labour. They campaigned to lose an election. Lying sycophants in collusion. They collude with a system from which they have most to gain. Illegal gains. Westminster unionist electoral fraud and corruption. Cambridge Analytica. Dom unelected fraud. Godfather of corruption.

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    1. All as expected from a Empire in its death throes
      Way beyond any form of redemption now
      As it slides into a utter shambolic irrelevance


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