Trump still the less bad choice?

If you live in the US, Trump is clearly the more bad choice. Though Biden is no socialist, there is some (little?) hope, under him, for the sick, the poor, women and ethnic minorities and less (little?) joy for the rich and the corporations.

But, if you live in the Arab world or Europe, Biden is bad news, real bad news.

Trump is by inclination an isolationist. He wants to get US forces out of the Middle East and Central Asia, reduce US casualties and slash spending there. He’s is regularly condemned by senior officers, past and present, for pulling troops out of Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. That he has left some is to appease them and to suppress media criticism.

His sabre-rattling against Iran is just that, on behalf of his business allies in Saudi and in the US corporations. Authorising the assassination of the top Iranian military leader does not mean he wants a full-scale invasion, quite the opposite. If they step up, he’ll back off. It’s just a business strategy.

Biden, in sharp contrast, is an interventionist foreign policy ‘hawk‘, like Clinton. Like her, he was a cheer-leader for the Iraq campaigns. Women and children in the Arab World had reason to fear her enthusiasm for carpet bombing their towns and sending under-educated boys to barge into their homes, smashing them up and killing or humiliating their husbands and sons. In Europe, we had reason to fear the consequences of those humiliations as the sons fled to our towns.

In 2016, the most clicked-on blog post I wrote that year was this:

Why Trump is less bad, far less bad, than Clinton, in as few words as possible.

It’s still mostly true, for Biden.

Additional reading on Joe:

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8 thoughts on “Trump still the less bad choice?

  1. Totally agree with this post. . . . . .

    According to the US and UK media Trump is the most obnoxious sexist idiot in the World.

    The day after he launched an attack on a minor Syrian facility, American commentators declared , We’ve got a real president.

    If you want war vote Biden!!!

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  2. Fret not the days of USA going to foreign
    Money making wars and all resulting in utter mayhem as they leave the field of battle as the money banked are over
    Within 5 yrs China will have the resources to face down the USA anywhere upon the planet
    China is NEVER aggressive and all their military strategy is based on deterrence
    And demonstrates itself by stating to trouble makers
    Think long and hard before you embark on your military adventures
    Take a look at what we shall confront you with
    And China does not want this but we SHALL NOT loose
    What do you think the Great Wall was
    Their thoughts are still the same today
    You my foe i assure the reward you seek
    Is far short of the effort you deploy

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    1. Apart from to the citizens of Hong Kong (one country two systems…), Taiwan (repeated intrusions into airspace), the neighbouring countries around the South China Sea (building military bases on new islands created for that purpose, threatening any nation that defies their view on world matters, oppressing minority citizens (Tibet, Xinjiang). So, No, not very peaceful and certainly not at all pleasant.


      1. My reply continued
        Then you need to deploy a minium of 221760 conventional troops to ensure your invasion is successful FULL STOP
        Such clearly demonstrates there strategy
        Come on then have a go
        Exactly the same as The Great Wall said to The Mongolian hordes who had succeeded previously invading China and overthrowing the Emporer
        The new Emperor promised such would never ever happen again and ordered the
        Construction of the Great Wall
        As opposed to amassing his forces and smashing to smithereens for ever the aggressive Mongols
        Nothing has changed by way of their thinking or strategy in Today,s World


  3. They are both evil, just differently so. Trump is reversing so many environmental protections in the US it’s hard to believe. He is after Venezuela and their oil, and causing havoc in many countries in Latin America, no his fight is closer to home, and he wants to be pals with the enemies of his enemies, ie Europe. He is no peace monger.
    Biden is a creep, having watched a film about how he creeps on little girls and indeed boys, sickening. His war mongering might just get him the vote, but who knows, whatever happens, it’s going to be bad. Two crazy people with their fingers on that big red button. Neither will be good for Scotland, each will take what the hell they can from the so called UK post Brexit.

    There is no lesser of two evils in the US potus elections, scarily. We are all putty in their nasty dirty evil hands. That’s just my opinion. 🙂


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