This is not ‘the chief’ and he’s just a trade union convener stirring things up on behalf of his members

This man is no more the ‘Scottish medical chief’ than Arthur Scargill was the chief of mining or Bob Crow was chief of the railways. He’s the leader of the doctor’s trade union, the BMA and he’s cynically prepared to scare you to death so that you’ll accept the need for more doctors and better pay and conditions for them.

There’s nothing unusual in that but the Scotsman is using him to further their blatantly obvious agenda of undermining confidence in NHS Scotland and by association, the Scottish Government, the SNP and the whole notion of our competence to run our own affairs.

Here’s how the report opens:

This is the second time, I’ve had to clarify what Buist is.

In the Herald only two days ago, responding to the same rubbish:

THE NHS is facing the worst crisis in its 72-year history, doctors’ leaders in Scotland have warning, saying the entire system could ‘overheat’ because of the combined pressures of winter and Covid and the weight of public expectation. Dr Andrew Buist, Chairman of BMA Scotland’s GP committee, said he believed the SNP government was reluctant to give a true picture of the increasing limitations of a public service that remains a source of national pride because of fears that ‘opposition politicians will make capital out of it’.

From their own site:

The British Medical Association is the trade union and professional body for doctors in the UK.

The opening quote is probably from the BMA in England just lazily adopted for the Scottish context by a trade union leader, not a ‘doctors’ leader.

Is the EIS General Secretary, Larry Flanagan, a ‘leading educationist?

Why is this more guff?

Even in April, we knew this:

Staffing Level:

NHS Scotland has 50% more nurses per head of population than NHS England:

NHS Scotland has 20% more consultants per head of population than NHS England:

Previous Performance:

Typically in NHS Scotland, only 2% or less of operations are ever cancelled due to lack of staff or resources:

The WHO in 2019 said: Scotland’s health system is to be congratulated for a multi-year effort that has produced some of the largest population-wide reductions in surgical deaths ever documented.’

Government Support:

Scotland has a unique system of improving the quality of health care. It focuses on engaging the altruistic professional motivations of frontline staff to do better, and building their skills to improve. Success is defined based on specific measurements of safety and effectiveness that make sense to clinicians.

Scotland’s smaller size as a country supports a more personalised, less formal approach than in England. The Scottish NHS has also benefited from a continuous focus on quality improvement over many years. It uses a consistent, coherent method where better ways of working are tested on a small scale, quickly changed, and then rolled out. Unlike in the rest of the UK, this is overseen by a single organisation that both monitors the quality of care and also helps staff to improve it.

Research Report, July 2017, Learning from Scotland’s NHS at: 

And, as for the millions of flu vaccinations, I was jagged in about 45 secs in a walk-through tent with not one doctor present.

And, as for grappling with covid-19 patients, leaving aside the flaws in getting that close to them, the numbers in hospital are increasing slowly but there are only 210 in hospital, 22 in ICU in the whole of Scotland!

Buist, to paraphrase punk band, the Dead Kennedys, needs a holiday in Camden.

11 thoughts on “This is not ‘the chief’ and he’s just a trade union convener stirring things up on behalf of his members”

    1. Upcoming stress on the NHS ?
      How do you know ?
      Guessing ?
      I think the NHS will do what they normally do which is plan and be prepared
      No problem
      If a problem develops we will hear about it
      Meantime this story from built is nonsense he is using his employment position to get his personal political views heard

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      1. Of course I don’t know – but hospitalisation and deaths from covid are rising and I agree with Buist about ‘a public service that remains a source of national pride’
        and the dangers of political coersion

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  1. When the Unionist media run a story you can rightly assume it is based on selected evidence presented by very carefully chosen “experts” with the primary goal of painting a negative picture of a current event status in Scotland.
    It is their role.
    It has been their job for centuries. Promote the Union and attack the very idea of Self Determination. The best method has been to portray Scotland as always failing.

    The MSM incessant chant is “Too Wee, Too Poor and Too Stupid”

    What other Nation on this planet has their citizens force fed a negative image of their achievements and worse, their potential day after day.

    The propaganda is incessant!

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  2. The narrative from England’s right wing press is that we (Scotland) are spending too much of their (England)
    money on our public services.
    Never mind,the Tories will soon put a stop to that.

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  3. The NHS needs £10Billion. The Tories have offered £3Billion.

    The Tories/ConDems cut NHS funding £20Billion from 2015-20. £4Billion a year. They should have increased it. They had to mitigated it.

    The Scottish Gov has had to mitigate the cuts. Increasing SNHS funding. From £10Billion to £12.5Billion. An average of £1/2Billion. Introduced MUP. Integrate social care. Elderly care so people can stay in their own home. Not residential (£600+ a week) or hospital care (£600 a day).

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  4. To be truly a professional and in every sense of the word
    Then a attribute that is essential for you
    To demonstrate you truly are but never misplaced but earned by past performance and proper preparation
    And that word is CONFIDENCE
    I let all judge him with regards his professionalism on that basis


  5. The Scottish NHS would be a skeleton organisation by now if the BritNats had been at the helm the past 10+ years. ‘National pride’ the guys agenda being to try portray the SNP as somehow threatening that, how dare he.
    The Labour party branch in Scotland, built new, not fit for purpose NHS hospitals using private finance, plunging councils into ‘debt’ with their PFI scams. Labour branch at Holyrood had ten years to invest in Scotland’s NHS, they started running it down instead. Anyone remember the deaths due to dirty hospitals because Labour outsourced cleaning services, people actually died because of that. If the SNP had no mitigated the huge cuts to the SNHS from England’s government, Scotland would be in a much worse situation now.

    ‘National pride’ got no one anywhere or anything, ‘national’ anger should be the message, because England’s NHS won’t survive the brunt of covid19 and Tory cuts, it’s in the bag, it’s sold off already to the US. Scotland, your NHS is next!
    Also notice how the BritNats never say the SCOTTISH NHS, it’s always the NHS, no autonomy in how things are run, far as they are concerned.


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