Covid Update: Keeping the BBC Blinkers on

That headline is not strictly inaccurate though it could be more informative. Adding the word ‘total’ would make it more accurate and perhaps remind you that, as it stands, it would be accurate if there had been only 1 new case.

There were 8 more cases the day before and 1 more in the day before that so, really, BBC Scotland, there was a fall not a rise. Do you have a cheery pic of John Swinney?

As infection levels climb ‘through the roof’ in North-West England, BBC Scotland fails to inform us with any context and prefers as always to personalise the pandemic.

How many times have you see the First Minister or the Health Secretary looking glum under a ‘well-chosen’ headline?

Cases rise, eh? See this graph:

Is that a wee plateau I see there? Might the Scottish Government’s restrictions be working? Would a comparison with other countries be useful? That way we’d know if it was just SNP ‘spin.’

Over the six months of the pandemic, the infection level is 30% to 40% higher everywhere in GB and Ireland than in Scotland.

Yesterday, the infection rate in England was three times higher per head of population than in than in Scotland. The death rate variation needs no comment.

Back to the tragedy in the North of England:

Yorkshire has roughly the same population as Scotland yet it had 5 times as many new cases yesterday.

North-west England has less than twice (8m vs 5m) the population yet it had nearly 9 times as many new cases yesterday.

You have to feel for them, betrayed.

4 thoughts on “Covid Update: Keeping the BBC Blinkers on”

  1. Poorer regions of England, if only they knew, presume they don’t, or if they do, they don’t feel agrieved towards to the English government. Who runs their councils? What do they have to say? Are they Tory or red Tory councils? They are all in together anyway. Utterly despicable that there is such inequality and disparity. Are those ‘places’ (Lisa Nandy said ‘nice place’ when asked about Scotland’s handling of the covid19 crisis just the other day, during an online interview where she was singing the praises of ‘women leaders in there handlingof cv19, except Nicola Sturgeon), going to get priority £’s and their English gov pull out all the stops to get this under control? Quite the opposite, and people cannot protest, win win for Johnson.


  2. Channel 4 News tonight ran an item about Wales seriously considering requiring English people from regions with high infectivity to quarantine if they cross into Wales. Wales already operates this control with its own people travelling from locally locked-down places in Wales into other less-infected Welsh areas and have asked Boris Johnson for the powers to do likewise with people from England entering Wales. So far there’s been no response (surprise, surprise) from Bojo, but Scot Gov should be watching this one carefully as Scotland shares a border with the English regions with the highest infectivity.

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    1. One sire fire way to TAKE BACK CONTROL of our Borders far less our future
      Is by a resounding 60%+for Indy @ Holyrood 2021
      The pencil is indeed mightier than the Sword
      And it need not be sharp but merely leave its mark in the correct box


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