Waterboarding, growing a pair and final screws in coffins!

Anti-Independence, anti-SNP and anti-democratic, Scotland in Union‘s undercover letter-writing group, the Geheimnis Schreiben Gruppe or GSG has made it into the Herald letters page with two fine examples of their work.

Allan Sutherland and Jill Stephenson are such regulars in the Herald, Scotsman, P&J and Courier, that we can be sure the editors know fine well they are SiU but welcome their clickbait qualities.

The organised SiU letter-writing team never discloses who they are and in so doing seek to influence journalists and readers against the SNP and the independence movement.

More detail is below, but first the letters:

It’s a cracker! Ruth Davidson waterboarding the FM, Peter Murrell growing a pair [watch-out Stu!] and the SNP sealed in a coffin, in only a few lines! Sutherland’s metaphors are murder!

Seriously though, ‘the end of Nicola Sturgeon?’ Wait for the next opinion poll and see the FM more popular and trusted than in the last one. See the SNP at 60%!

We’ve been here before with Alex Salmond, Derek Mackay and hospital infections, with each followed by polls and a general election where the SNP take all before them, because 95% of the voters are paying little attention to the mainstream media excitement and have such contempt for the Tory and Labour leadership.

It’s long-retired Prof Stephenson, specialist in Nazi Germany, suggesting that ‘Covid rule busting jaunts’ by one MP have prevented media exposures and were welcomed. Really? You think the SNP leadership welcomed an SNP MP undermining the whole Covid strategy?

And ‘jaunts?’

I wrote in July, to the CE of Scotland in Union to question their anti-democratic practices:

To: Ms Pamela Nash, Chief Executive, Scotland in Union info@scotlandinunion.co.uk

cc: Ms Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister Nicola.Sturgeon.msp@parliament.scot

Transparency and accuracy in political campaigning

Dear Ms Nash

I write to you as the leader of Scotland’s largest pro-UK campaign group, to seek your help in promoting better political communication, providing members of the electorate with the transparency and accuracy they deserve and thus helping them to make informed decisions. I feel sure that as a former MP and as a democrat, you will agree with me, on the great importance of protecting these central principles of our democratic system.

I note that your group has a fact check system, further suggesting that this matters to you as much as it does to me.

I have two points to make.

Firstly, seeing recent ‘reader’s’ letters in Scottish newspapers and hearing calls to Radio Scotland, from members of your covert writing group, I have been concerned that none have mentioned their membership of Scotland in Union. I hope you will agree that this breaches the trust which members of the electorate should be able to put in all campaigners.

I attach evidence of the existence of this group and its apparent intention to deceive journalists and the public.

Secondly, I have been concerned by the inaccuracy of the content of the letters and statements made recently by Phil Tate, Professor Emerita Gill Stephenson, Allan Sutherland and David Bone. In every case, false statements were made.  I won’t distract from the main issue here, lack of transparency, and point to these but suggest that in the interests of the reputation of your group you introduce some editorial control.

Yours sincerely,

Professor John Robertson (rtd)

No answer. Not even an acknowledgement. Rude. Trump is the same.

7 thoughts on “Waterboarding, growing a pair and final screws in coffins!”

  1. ‘Teatime TV news’? (‘teatime’, how positively quaint, very working clarrss!) The SNP can’t get a word in edgeways on any ‘TV news’! These fakes of the SiU seem a bit obsessed with the SNP, and love to use violent metaphor when writing their ‘letters’ while posing as jo public, scraping the barrel, yawn.
    Hilarious they talk of ‘open, inclusive Scotland’ when they hide the fact they are writing as members of an anti independence organisation. Not very ‘open’, all that secrecy. These people believe their own stupid lies, and hope if they keep writing to the Herod, that others will also believe them. Pathetic really. SiU your ‘teas’ oot!

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  2. As SiU and Ruth Davidson want rid of NS , that means she MUST stay. Any so called Independence blog that campaings for the First Minister’s demise , on this issue is supporting the aims of the Union’s defenders.

    There was an excellent letter from Dave McEwan Hill in yesterday’s National

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  3. Prof,
    Sorry, but I must be having an intellectually-challenged moment, but who exactly is “the leader of Scotland’s largest Pro-UK campaign group”?


  4. Just because SIU are cunts doesn’t mean they are wrong about everything at all times.

    The current and soon to be Ex FM, nicola sturgeon tried to have Alex Salmond imprisoned. She uses her power as FM to protect the conspirators. She is an evil Misandrist and needs to go.

    Why don’t you do some research into the number of times the whore of Dreghorn uses Men, Man, or Male as a perjorative. If she was using Black or Jew in the same contexts she’d be locking herself up thanks to yousless and his hate crime bill.

    Do the people of Dunfermline deserve the truth about SAS and her membership of the alphabet sisters? How can you live i a democracy where candidates who commit perjury and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice can keep their crimes secret in return for supporting the Bute house dyke?


  5. Looks like some BritNat meant to comment on a different blog but got very lost.
    Name calling and insults really expose the lack of intelligence of these BritNats. Hope they pay you well ‘penquin’!


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