Prince Charles to be asked to fall on his sword?

Baroness Davidson joins the pile-on as Margaret Ferrier becomes the only story of the day and the First Minister has to go and lie down after her 247th explanation of why she can’t sack the MP, to dumb reporters.

Davidson’s hypocrisy is unsurprising. She didn’t resign over Dominic Cummings or the royal visit to Royal Deeside by the symptomatic Prince Charles and his huge entourage, trailing the virus in their wake. They were like a 21st Century version of earlier royal families, fleeing plague-infested London or Edinburgh, to safer places such as Oxford or Linlithgow.

BBC Scotland were on hand to wash the Prince Charles story:

But for an SNP MP:

Returning to Davidson, did she not say, on the Lorraine TV show, that she was regularly driving to the Borders to see her parents, during the first lock-down?

Then there was Robert Jenrick, housing secretary, doing the same.

Oh, and Stephen Kinnock going to his dad’s birthday party.

And the PM’s dad, flying to Greece and back then wandering round UK shops mask-less!

No one’s excusing Margaret Ferrier but the media double-standards are all-too-visible here.

10 thoughts on “Prince Charles to be asked to fall on his sword?”

  1. They will dine out on this for a few days, or weeks if required. A great distraction from the Brexit chaos, power grab and EngGov incompetence as well as a wee platform on all channels to go tonto on SNP bad. UntRuth in her element, another fake, paid masses from the public purse, a disgrace.

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    1. The ‘green ink brigade’s are out in force today on the Herald’s Letters page.

      All about SG’s obstruction of the Salmond Inquiry being conducted by the MSPs. Strangely they omit any mention of the fact that the FM has submitted written evidence to the committee which they have failed to publish. They also fail to mention that the FM has offered to appear in person before the committee but they have not asked her to do so.

      Wonder why that is?

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  2. At least Charlie is praying, so all is forgiven. Just clasp your hands together in prayer, and you can’t be guilty of jaunting around Scotland potentially spreading a deadly virus.


  3. Here is a true and accurate picture of
    What Rooth the Mooth is
    And a accurate account of what type of Human Nicola is
    I have a relative who resides in sheltered
    Accommodation and during a election campaign both Rooth & Nicola visited the residents on the same day but different times in the residents lounge
    Press were persent
    So here is the accurate account of both visits
    1.Rooth the Mooth
    A flotilla of hacks and photographer’s in attendance also
    Length of visit approx 4 mins
    Many pics taken Her dentist had obviously performed major tooth whitening job prior
    Only spoke for 2 mins
    Never ever asked any 1 resident as to how things were
    Only ever spoke of No to Indy and Badddddddddddddddddddd SNP
    got a tap on shoulder and whisper in her ear from one her entourage
    Obviously time up and left like a Bat out of Hell

    Insisted on leaving her attendants at the door then walked around to rear entrance
    Once she met caretaker told her let no press or photographer in
    Spent 23 mins with residents inc visit into
    One of the appartments
    Not a single word of politics spoken
    And only the welfare and wellbeing of the
    Residents ever discussed

    I not religious but someone please contact
    A.Who ever represents the Devil on earth
    So Rooth can be dispatched to ROT
    B.And The Catholic cardinal for Scotland
    in order to make representation to His Holiness the Pope
    For Sainthood for Nicola

    The best stories are never told only enacted

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  4. I see Ruth Davidson has her “I am serious about this, I mean it really, honestly I do” face on – all crumpled brow and half shut eyes. Immediately gets my alarm bells ringing about what porkies she is spouting…

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    1. She is concentrating on remembering her script.

      Like all Scottish Toadies, free will is a foreign concept.
      They all do what they are told, when they are told to, without demur or even a wee “aw bit” remonstration.

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  5. The Tories in Scotland take their lead from Westminster.
    Carefully constructed choreography for the benefit of the cameras is their modus operandi.
    Apologies for the over use of C words (happens when I think of Tories).
    Davidson,like many of her colleagues,is simply a media construct who will say and do anything in order
    to further their careers.
    I had hoped that we had seen the last of her now that she has been elevated to the HoL but alas we are stuck with her for a while yet.
    Perhaps when we no longer have to pay for the British state broadcaster and the other media outlets in Scotland realise that the majority view of Scots is not their view,things will change.

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  6. I do find it astonishing how both left and right wing in the UK gave, and continue to give Charles Windsor a free pass on this, despite attacking other public figures. Even openly “left wing” YouTube commentators were uninterested.
    I can’t work out of it’s merely a forelock tugging belief that the Windsors are above the law, or a resigned acceptance that the UK can’t expect anything better from this over privileged family.


  7. “Prince Charles to be asked to fall on his sword?” – He’d miss, so would the Baronless, the Moray Mouthpiece, Fluffy, Jackatory and the Admiral of the Fleet Street Sub-Lt Bowie…
    Yet let’s not forget Ferrier is not the target but the excuse here, had she not screwed up there would have been a rumpus about something SNP even it had to be created, that’s how Pacific Quay etc roll..
    Her future with the SNP is ended, in all likelihood she’ll go independent unless a WM “recall petition” is completed, and London are increasingly desperate for a scalp, but then what, a fresh faced SNP MP from a by-election with no mud attached ? The propagandists would get more mileage from “disgraced former SNP” so in all likelihood they’ll back off a phase of harrumphing, and she’ll see out her term.
    Pacific Quay’s incontinent pigeon loft must be humming by now….


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