Post Office scandal shows how ineffective Scottish Labour ‘executive’ was

Up to 70 Scottish sub-postmasters may have had their lives ruined by a faulty computerised system introduced by the UK New Labour Government, twenty years ago, as part of their ‘modernising‘ of a public corporation.

The Scottish Labour ‘executive’ in in Holyrood, of course, took no part in this process, was not consulted and did not scrutinise it. They knew their place.

The Bill which turned the Post Office into a more aggressively market-oriented service of the kind predisposed to expose its employees to stress and risk, was ironically introduced by former postman, Alan Johnson:

The Bill has four main objectives. It will give the Post Office the scope to modernise and run a fully commercial business in the 21st century. It will achieve that by converting it from a statutory corporation to a public limited company, with ownership remaining with the Crown. That will complement the greater financial flexibility that we intend to give the Post Office.

The measure will promote competition by establishing a regulator, which will reduce the part of the market that is reserved largely as a monopoly for the Post Office. The reserved area will be reduced and opened to competitors to the extent that the universal service obligation will continue to be fulfilled.

House of Commons Debates, 15 Feb 2000 : Column 803-4

If you want New Labour back, it’s available now.

3 thoughts on “Post Office scandal shows how ineffective Scottish Labour ‘executive’ was”

  1. No doubt Gordo–“saviour of the World”—will be on a channel near Pacific Quay to tell us about the good old days, Home Rule (ha ha fooled ye) and how a wee peerage wouldn’t go amiss.

    No, I made the last bit up–its a job with the World bank he wants–or to head up the UN–or EU Commissioner or anything with a title, office and access to the media.

    He heard the story of the one eyed man being King—and believed it!

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  2. It’s an absolute outrage what the did to post office sub-postmasters – and they ruined a key public service, most especially in rural community. Lives ruined wholesale. I hate this neo-liberal society we live in, I want something new, better.


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