4 thoughts on “September Statistics”

  1. Are we looking at the UK being a magnet for visitors and/or the UKEngGov being so very powerless to control that or impose quarantine on people visiting, and/or people going abroad for a wee holiday and returning without self isolating? It’s a free for all bring in the virus UKOK is immune perhaps? It’s about money, the BritNat government don’t not do stuff unless it makes them lots of dosh. They should all be locked up.

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  2. Stretch the various NHS’s across the UK until they break, call in private companies, sell off the NHS, make a packet. Criminals at the helm, who would vote for that? England is a one party state, how terrifying.

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  3. Keep it up John. We depend on your advice and knowledge.

    Especially when Wings is playing the old colonial trick of divide and rule.
    On whose behalf? Certainly not Scotland’s.


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