Scottish Conservative reminds us of EU welcome for Scotland

Scottish Conservative MSP Dean Lockhart on the way to First... News Photo -  Getty Images

Tory List MSP, Dean Lockhart, helpfully took the time to remind us of the level of support for Scotland’s return to the EU by asking Mike Russell for confirmation of his claim that a former president of the EU had said to his face that Scotland would be able to join again.

Mike gave him two:

5 thoughts on “Scottish Conservative reminds us of EU welcome for Scotland”

  1. Scottish Toadie?
    Almost certainly gets his “news” from the English right wing press–a press that just makes stuff up when it comes to Scotland.
    Would that Toadie then assess, and make a considered judgment, based on facts easily found from a variety of sources? Or just believe the hype?
    I think we know the answer. Scottish Toadies are the most pliable, gullible of followers.
    . Doesn’t matter if it’s Cameroon, or May or Boris—they just go with the flow, don’t ask questions—did someone say CULT?

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  2. These Tories are always smiling shiney smiles, taking lots and lots of dosh from the public purse to undermine Scotland. Still, be grateful for small mercies when they manage own goals. Perfect.


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