Cancer! Infection! Miscarriages! Poverty! Flooding! The reality that is Scotland today

First thing this morning and with repeat doses every thirty minutes, Scottish viewers get:

Almost 80 000, women have potentially missed a breast cancer screening appointment!

806 more coronavirus cases!

More than 70 sub-postmasters may have been prosecuted wrongly!

Around 1 in 3 families in Edinburgh are living below the poverty line!

Heavy rain and flooding!

We’ll be back with another update at five to seven. Hope you can join us then!

No way!

That was all the news in Scotland and done in three minutes.

As you know there were many more stories out there but these were chosen to help construct reality for you and to do it just when you’re still a bit tired and emotional.

In the 28 minutes before that, we did have energy job losses but we also got to laugh at Trump vs Biden, feel relief that things here must be better than in the USA, see comedy pet photos, laugh at rude parrots, watch football and get a visit to Kew Gardens.

I was feeling fine until ‘the news where you are.

Many, especially the old and vulnerable, get most of the information they use to make sense of the world they live in from TV News.

Editorial choices like these, repeated, especially in the early hours, make viewers anxious. Anxious people stay in and incubate that anxiety. When it comes to elections, they vote for the status quo and against anything new.

It then only takes a former TV football commentator on their doorstep, telling them they will lose their pension, to swing a referendum.

It’s not a conspiracy at BBC Scotland, it’s a culture, like coronavirus, affecting the old more than the young who seem to be less affected by it.

It’s dying out slowly but can still make it harder to recover normality.

15 thoughts on “Cancer! Infection! Miscarriages! Poverty! Flooding! The reality that is Scotland today”

  1. The woman presenter there sporting that ‘Handmaids Tale’ dress ( all the rage these days I hear) looks quite pleased to be telling the people of Scotland how sh**e their country is. Smile for the camera!
    Not a BBC conspiracy, nope, they would never deliberately brainwash people. :-@ ;~0
    Definitely something with the word CON in it though!

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  2. Haven’t watched the news from England since March and only tune in for the covid briefings on channel 9.
    Was recording the program called Politics Scotland but that stopped when the BBC renamed it Coronavirus Update.
    Hats off to them for making it clear that the daily briefing on the covid crisis from our government is not political but a public service.
    Tories hate the idea of public services.

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    1. Yep, they do hate public services even existing. Maybe people in England, think it’s OK to have their money taken and pooled just for their government not to keep their part of the bargain. You don’t get what you pay for when it comes to the Tories or red Tories. Bargain basement services, if they are lucky. Scotland won’t even get that if the BritNat parties manage their planned coup.

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    2. Likewise, bringiton. I now record the Coronavirus Update!

      Actually, I’d assumed it was the SG that’d changed the name. Whoever it was deserves a brownie point for making the statement “Coronavirus only. No party politics involved. No campaigning here etc”

      If it WAS somebody at the beeb, I hope the Little Rebel doesn’t get fired…


  3. It is relentless drivel. Designed by the London Masters to convey a negative image of Scotland.
    They trawl through the findings of FOI requests looking for any set of figures to paint doom and gloom.
    It is like the abusive language (trash talk) of bullies. The media controls the image Scots have of their country. It is interesting that the young currently support Independence at a level of 70% – They don’t use the propaganda outlets.

    It is like a sports team who can only be briefed by the manager of the opposition – ” you haven’t a chance of winning, look at the state of you, why even turn up”

    Too wee, too poor, too stupid – rinse and repeat.

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  4. Breaking News
    Boris is delighted as large queues of Scot,s line up to cast themselves off from the heights of the old Forth Road Bridge
    As his dream of exterminating this verminous race come to frutition.

    Well that is his version
    But ours is long queues at the Holyrood
    Election to exterminate him
    As a Darleck would say
    Exterminate Exterminate Exterminate

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  5. The Thought Control isn’t limited to the News Bulletins.
    Phil Goodlad was interviewing Stuart Fraser a Tennis Journalist (a real one) at the Times . It was a free-flowing exchange but when SF. mentioned that Scotland had never recieved it’s fair share of funding from the LTA. In jumped the BBC man to change the subject.

    From campaigning to get rid of the National Football team’s managers, to changing the anthem the BBC works hard to undermine our sporting success. All with the obvious purpose of reducing national morale.

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      1. Premieroneuk
        I’d like to oblige since you asked so nicely.

        It’s important that everyone understands the posts. For that reason I’ll be sticking to the sullied three letters of shame. . . . BBC.


      2. Ok
        But would be nice to post as this

        ABC (BBC )
        Then all will know who the BBC truly represent i.e. Absurdistan ( UK )


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