Aberdeen Labour join the Nasty Party in huffy attack on Scottish Government

SCALP: The new Scottish Conservative and Labour Party

The biggest party in Aberdeen City Council is the SNP with 18 but the Tory (10) and Labour (9) groups have combined to keep them out of power.

Think about it. A left-of-centre party keeps another left-of centre party out of power by allying with a right-of-centre party. The people of the City who voted for left-of-centre policies, 27 to 10 get right-of-centre policies.

Aberdeen Labour don’t give a for their voters because of their deeply huffy, irrational hatred of the SNP, which has replaced them, because the local voters have tired of their incompetence and corruption.

The Labour councillors have all been suspended from the Labour Party. They don’t seem to give a about that either.

Yesterday, they wrote to the First Minister protesting that they were currently suffering harder restrictions than they should because of SNP Glasgow’s outbreak and reminding her that they’d had pub closures in August so why wasn’t SNP Glasgow having them now? She was then asked about the letter in the briefing.

The First Minister was not amused:


After explaining, as you would to bairns, that the Aberdeen outbreak was based in pubs so they closed them down and the Glasgow one wasn’t so they didn’t, she called it ‘patent nonsense’ and suggested the ‘ridiculous’ letter told us more about the authors than it did about the government’s actions.

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Laing has an an honours degree in Economic History from Aberdeen University.

Lumsden will be the Tory candidate for Aberdeen Central in 2021. The seat has been held by the SNP since 2011. The Tories tend to come third or fourth.

11 thoughts on “Aberdeen Labour join the Nasty Party in huffy attack on Scottish Government”

  1. As with Glasgow,I am pretty sure that the British Labour politicians (suspended branch) in Aberdeen are terrified of a new administration digging up the bodies.

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  2. I seem to remember some time ago when Labour lost to the SNP in Aberdeen they left the city in debt of about £500 million??? maybe someone can find out if true.

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    1. Certainly Labour UKOK legacy to Scotland is literally £billions of ‘debt’ due to their PFI scams. (payable over the next 25 years, T & C’s apply’!) I cannot think of one single teensy tiny thing that Labour England HQ’d branch did for Scotland in a whole TEN years at the helm at Holyrood? if anyone comes up with anything let us know…


      1. arthetty
        Re.trying to come up with anything Labour done for us
        Any who so attempt shall do so
        Till awe the seas gan dry
        And the rocks melt in the sun


    2. Same in Glasgow far as I know. Labour council in Glasgow ran it like the mafia, all in it for themselves. My were they pi**ed off when they lost control of the gravy train, lol.
      Recently noticed a typed note stuck to the back of a road signage thingy next to a not very busy crossing near us, (plenty Tories round here) saying Edinburgh CC refuse to ‘heighten it and it’s far too low’, I’d never noticed actually. Anyway I was going to put a sign up saying maybe they are too busy trying to pay off a huge ‘debt’ that was left by the Labour councillors, forgot to do that and might get done for it, but then not sure who is responsioble for road signs.


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