Covid hospital admissions 50% higher in England

From premieroneuk:

Here are the figures for the last 8 days
From 19/ 9 to 27 /9
New infections
Scotland 3106 i.e.565 / million

England 32297 i.e.582 / million
So England has pro rata 3.1 % higher infections
But their testing is in utter chaos and as time passes the divergence will explode
As Scottish tests are highly focused and targeted


Scotland 5 i.e.1/ million
England 194 i.e. 3.5/ million

So England pro rata 217 % higher deaths
Now as it is impossible to extrapolate
ICU & Hospital admissions for England
I must compare Scotland with Whole of UK
ICU new admissions

Scotland 2 i.e. 0.3 6/ million
UK 124 i.e. 1.83 / million
So UK pro rata 409 % higher than Scotland

NEW Hospital Admissions

Scotland 35 i.e 6.36 / million
UK 646 i.e. 9.58 / million
So UK pro rata 50 % higher than Scotland
But the big clue here is the new ICU admissions
Note Scotland at 0.36 / million
UK at 1.83 / million
Which clearly demonstrates Scottish tests working and serving purpose whilst
UK not working and picking up those suffering severe covid symptons

Very Very IMPORTANT and regards BBC (ABC)
Reporting and not only skewed in balance in content BUT infactual in a most serious matter
Yesterday on BBC news Scotland and a article on their web site and no.1 article headed Cases surge in Scotland
Contained in such article is Quote
” In last 7 days almost 3500 new cases ”

But if you check UK.Gov. daily corona dashboard
What you get for 20/ 09 to 26 / 09 ( 7 days )
Is 2861 new cases & Not almost 3500 as they report
And their 3500 is 22.33 % higher than the official data
I have lodged a formal complaint requesting correction and apology
If such not timeously given I shall take the matter to The Regulator Ofcom.

7 thoughts on “Covid hospital admissions 50% higher in England”

  1. John
    Thanks for re posting
    However it is most disappointing to see in todays edition of the Sunday National a article by Jim Murty
    That merely repeats the BBC ( ABC) Article to which i refer Verbatum Verbatum
    And in particular falls into the trap of stating almost 3500 new cases in last 7 days
    This coming from a Indy supporting newspaper is
    1.Shocking to say the least
    2.Lack of basic research and taking BBC
    ( ABC ) At their word Thereby aiding and abetting their propagandist function
    3.Any journalist would be naturally suspicious in this instance and the big clues that roused me to check were
    A. The use of words almost 3500
    Instantly that tells you very unlikely
    A proper check with actual facts
    All because 3500 for last 7 days = ave of 500 / day
    And Mon.20/ 9 + 245, Tues.21/9 + 255
    Tues.22/9 + 383
    All goes to show how propaganda actually works by the source even convincing their target supporters swallowing it hook line and sinker
    Utter shame upon The Sunday National

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