SNP branch members to exercise democratic rights in a free country shock

Oust? Activists? Language! It’ll be ‘SNP Civil War‘ again before you know it.

I’m an activist and a member. Jekyll and Hyde opposites or just the same thing?

One of the ministers, Shirley-Anne Somerville said:

Not a ‘good’ headline for clickbait I guess but correct and far better than the opposition parties helicoptering SPADs and Party Central favourites, aged 24, into branches with only a handful of members.

Another threatened with deselection by mad activists, Colin Beattie, also describes these events as ‘part of the democratic process.’

Has this Herald report been ‘sexed-up?‘ Surely not. Will the SNP lose support? No.

Writer, Tom Gordon adds to his reputation for knowing stuff, by then referring to Ash Denham as ‘Mr Denham.’

5 thoughts on “SNP branch members to exercise democratic rights in a free country shock”

  1. Tom Gordon has lost his way all you ever get from him now are shrill scribbles that have no credibility and as you say he doesn’t even get the basic journalism correct , it’s lazy , a journalist at the end of the line tired and drab hemmed in by his past .

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  2. It is very easy for the press to paint the picture of a divided party. Give them a hairline crack, and they will give the public the Grand Canyon.
    It took iron discipline in the SNP to Get the party to where it is today. The media hated it.


  3. “I have absolute faith in Jackdaw Carlot”.—-Hi-de-hi Jack.

    “Dicky Leotard has he complete support of the Partee”! —-Jimmy “Machine Gums” Kelly.

    “Wee Wullie Rennie and Shir Ed Whoosit have the backing of us all”.
    “All of us, even Alice Coal-Humblebum”. —Prime Minister-in -waiting Josh Swinson.


  4. Should we expect perfect democracy within the SNP. The position they find themselves in with Scotland’s media set dead against them, as they battle to free this small country from the grubby grip of England’s public schoolboys isn’t an easy one.

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