Are Scottish students being well-looked after or left hungry?

Last night, STV‘s Louise Scott finds one student to say:

We called them up and within 15 minutes they’d given us five bags of shopping for free. It’s all very accessible. They’re on call if we need them.

A second was sanguine about the whole thing and a third said:

It’s still social. We don’t feel lonely or alone.

Somehow BBC Scotland found things to be quite different. They got one student to moan about ‘shortages of food‘ and one mum to claim she was upset that her daughter ‘had to wear PPE to pee.’ It’s not clear if they had called up for food, if face masks make it harder to pee or if either of these two is related to anyone at Pacific Quay.

13 thoughts on “Are Scottish students being well-looked after or left hungry?”

  1. The horror, nasty Nats, sending food parcels to students. The BBC will find anything to SNP bad, even if it’s good.
    Wait, oh god, there’s a spider on the wall of student halls! Nasty nats, do something, hellllp!!

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  2. Aye, as usual they are taking the piss……..never mind, when we are Independent we can plop a number two right in their gobs


  3. Re. Narrow shoulders.
    I posted on this story but in case it wont be read now I will re post here. Sorry about this.

    Insurrection: Scotland’s Famine Winter: By James Hunter

    I am in the middle of reading this book and it tells how Scotland has been treated all down the years by Westminster and the landed gentry,I doubt if many younger people know about the potato famine in Scotland I was never taught it at school and that is a very long time ago.

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  4. Aye when I were a student back int olden days we had one bar of an electric fire, no hot water,
    and had to go ti pub to keep warm, 27p for a ‘alf. Lived on rice and tomatoes, lived like kings we did aye. No internet in those days, no phone either!
    Actually that’s all true lol!


  5. Over twenty Uni’s now infected across the UK.

    Of course, the BEEB can only find Scottish ones.

    Lecturers criticize the curtailing of student HUMAN RIGHTS.
    Now doubt these idiots would invite Typhoid Mary to meet their Maw and Paw, and to play with the weans.

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      1. In Scotland a person is considered an adult from age 16. It’s 18 in England. There is a transition period between 16 and 18, in certain areas of health and social care etc, but, it is 16 that you become officially an adult in Scotland. I think the Scottish government recently raised the age of criminal responsiblity in Scotland, it used to be 12!!
        No, university students are not children, not even in England, unless they are savants and attend university before they are 16!
        I guess a student attending a FE college in England at age 16, is still officially a child.


  6. Students are not children they’re adults but clearly some are not yet behaving like adults although to be honest there are people much much older who still can’t behave like adults

    Embarrassment , fear of what others think of you , that’s why they don’t wear masks and don’t socially distance and end up getting covid19.

    Nobody’s fault but their own

    We are talking about personal responsibility here
    All these students who were having parties only have themselves to blame
    NOT ALL STUDENTS were having parties and behaving irresponsibly

    But it’s just another opportunity to blame Nicola Sturgeon SNP Scottish government

    All part of England’s Westminster propaganda war against Scotland

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    1. Students are students.
      They aren’t adults OR kids. They are teenagers with big brains, reservoirs of hormones, no common sense, stop buttons or self awareness.
      The ones I knew when I was young would NOT go home, at week-ends or ever, unless they had run out of money or clothes or in utter desperation.
      The best thing is for them to be all together, catch the virus, and get anti-bodies (or immunity–if that exists).
      They have already been locked down for months. It would be bad, mentally, for them to be sent home to be locked in a room to study on their ownsome.

      The SCOTTISH government (and it is them and them alone the media are aiming at) cannot win. If they had advised for home learning the Unis, opposition and media would have ripped them to shreds.


      1. Agree with most of what you say, but if students should be part of the herd immunity strategy of the UKgov, how do you contain that? Keep them on campus and effectively imprison them all for 6-12 months?
        Anyone know what other countries have done regarding to students and the universities opening up etc? It’s a tricky one for sure, especially in Scotland.
        I think a little geology lesson for the BritNat media could be in order, the title would be; ‘SNP, rock, hard place’.

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  7. I’d posted this comparative over on WGD earlier, but worth repeating here for context on BBC’s website headline articles over Covid, and the unique Scottish ‘scandal’ they were ‘developing’ over students-
    “LIVE Covid in Scotland : 558 new virus cases confirmed”
    “Covid-hit university students: ‘Why have they sent us here?’” ”
    “Covid: Scottish university students told not to go to pubs”
    “Covid in Scotland: Household mixing rules at holiday lets ‘confusing’ ”
    The above with the latter story replaced with “Scottish university outbreaks ‘should have been predicted’ “.
    “Covid: Coronavirus cases in England up 60% in a week”
    Repeat of the Scottish article “Covid-hit university students: ‘Why have they sent us here?’” ”
    Otherwise nothing else, and nothing on the UK politics page.
    “Covid-19: What has it meant for the ‘busiest’ trains? “…

    It seems fairly clear the media hype over Scottish students is being created and led by Pacific Quay, while England despite it’s many more universities and colleges are only supposed to worry about trains….🙄


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