Tough talk from the not-even-ten-percenters

Sir Edward Davey arrives in Scotland, clearly inspired by that other aristo, Baroness Ruth Davidson, talking tough. He’s going to encourage Willie and the lads to ‘stick it to‘ the SNP. Not very lady-like. Like Davidson he clearly favours giving his opponents a ‘doing‘ rather than winning their hearts and minds.

The SNP will be trembling with fear. No, wait, that’s laughter.

The polls tells us who has been ‘stuck.’ The Lib Dems have only crept above 10% in three of the last 40 polls and are well ‘stuck‘ in fourth place:

Might he train Willie up to ‘stick it to‘ the First Minister?

From Opinium, based on responses from 5th May:

To what extent do you approve or disapprove of …The way Nicola Sturgeon is handling her job as Leader of the SNP:

  • Con 22% (20%)
  • Lab 52% (46%)
  • Lib Dem 55% (56%)
  • SNP 86% (83%)

Ah, most of his tiny support are fans of Nicola. That will help.

Taxi for Sir Davey!

6 thoughts on “Tough talk from the not-even-ten-percenters”

  1. Taxi
    Please amend to
    Nusrse bring a straight jacket and a needle just in case for this deluded village idiot
    O make that 2 no. I forgot all about Wullie


  2. Professor: the Lie-Dems might be fourth in the opinion polls, but, actually, in terms of Holyrood seats, they are actually fifth, behind even the Scottish Greens.

    The only place they are doing well in on the Wings Over Scotland Thickos chart – listing the Scottish politicians coming away with the most pish, a chart currently headed by the Lie-Dems’ Alex Cole-Hamilton.


  3. A clue as to how much people have been rewarded by the Westminster establishment for disservices to Scotland is in their first name.
    If it is Sir,then a small disservice.
    If it is Lord,Lady,Baron,Baroness…..then a much greater disservice.
    Scotland’s Dishonourable List.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yup, the failed Dumbs get to warm a seat in the Lords.

    “I lost my seat during the election”.
    “Never mind, have a Peerage”—“Just dont talk about pedo’s, molesters, or sex pests in the Party”!


    1. gavinochilltree
      The only thing liberal about them are there morals which fall well short of what may be termed as decently so


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