Reporting Past Scotland

You see the word NEWS at the top there?

Why, yesterday, did BBC Scotland offer us this retrospective summary of deaths associated with coronavirus, going back to 12th March, with dramatic graphs and misleading headings like:

Why is the total number of deaths higher than Scottish government figures?

Why do they not offer us this current news with comparative data to help us understand the Scottish data and to answer these questions?

Such as these:

How dangerous is travel to and from N W England with less than twice the population but with nearly 5 times the infection level?

Why is the recent infection rate much lower in Scotland than in other parts of the UK?

Why is the death rate much lower in Scotland than in England or Italy?

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4 thoughts on “Reporting Past Scotland”

  1. The BritNat propaganda unit must be a bit peeved that they found people were not just going to sit down and take their silencing of the Scottish governments’ daily briefings. They will lay on the lies and twisting of facts very thickly from now on. They hope that enough people in Scotland and indeed elsewhere, will be conned enough to stop listening to Nicola Sturgeon and her team giving crucial information and advice etc. Luckily, more and more people see and hear for themselves, who is being professional, honest and responsible, and who is being manipulative, irresponsible and making stuff up to try to control the narrative.

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  2. The way that many of the journalists are questioning the first minister at the Covid briefings and their blatant attempts to undermine her are becoming more obvious to the viewers. This could lead to an even larger drop in newspaper sales/viewing figures and an increase in TV licence cancellations in the future. I have been trying to convince my wife that cancellation of the licence fee is now appropriate and i think i am almost there. If these broadcasts are curtailed/stopped i think that could get me over the line.

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    1. Surprisingly, on Good Morning Scotland today, a vox pop of a woman being really angry about the BBC and the ending of live broadcasting of the FM’s daily briefings was actually allowed!


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