Over 400 health research trials restart

Feeder Brian McGowan:

From NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde:

Over 400 health research trials have restarted and 51 new ones commenced by the health board as part of its recovery plan. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has between 9,000 and 10,000 patients participating in research studies each year.

140 of the projects are related to cancer research, led by the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre (BWoSCC).

This includes the BWoSCC being the first site in the UK for a trial of a new cervical cancer drug, tiragolumab. This drug works by stimulating the body’s immune system to fight against the cancer, an approach which has proven highly successful for many patients with other cancers, such as melanoma, bladder, kidney and lung cancer.

These trials support the aim of the research teams at the Beatson to find a trial for every patient at every stage of their disease. Other trials include research into a wide range of cancers affecting adults, including some of the most complex to treat, such as cancers of the pancreas, brain, ovary and cervix.

It is estimated that two out of five people will develop cancer in their lifetime and, in Scotland, the risk of dying from cancer has fallen by 10% in the past 10 years. Much of this improvement relates to improvements in early diagnosis and treatment, improvements driven by the results of clinical trials.

Earlier reports on Glasgow Hospitals:


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2 thoughts on “Over 400 health research trials restart”

  1. That will be the same Beatson Institute which the media are accusing of causing the yet-to-happen deaths of many sufferers because some treatments were deferred because of the reorientation of NHS Scotland and priorities to respond to Covid19 and because, once the restart of treatments began the ‘backlog did not disappear immediately.


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