By Brenda Steele:

Question 1a from Distorting-the-truthie Ruthie was about the launch of Scotland’s app. She was expressing doubts about the efficacy of the app as it is dependent on uptake and there will be people who don’t have access (is that too wee, too poor and too stupid?). She does not get the point that the app is an add-on to the basic system of Test and Trace ScotGov has set up in Scotland, and that system works pretty well. Perhaps she is confused because England put all its eggs into the (supposedly world-beating) app basket and then failed to deliver a workable app. The Test and Trace system in England doesn’t have a good track record so far.

Question 1b from Distorting-the-truthie Ruthie was about Operation MoonShine but she did not mention it by name. She did however quote professors Bauld and Pennington who say that “more than the current measures” are needed to eradicate Covid19. Ruthie asserted that this supported her claim that mass testing (i.e. Operation Moonshine) was the way to go. Ruthie used the word eradicate. That shows that she does not understand that the strategy Scotland is pursuing. ScotGov is trying to eliminate Covid19 – eliminate not the same as eradicate.

What was the context when the the Professors said “More is needed”  and when did they say it?  Did they say eradicate or eliminate? Did they actually mention mass testing? From what WHO has been saying it will take a vaccine to eradicate this disease. In the meantime, they recommend Test and track. They do not recommend mass testing.

Perhaps the professors should be asked so that this matter can be clarified?  

This is particularly important in view of the statements made by the BMJ. 

Critics have already rounded on the plans as “devoid of any contribution from scientists, clinicians, and public health and testing and screening experts,” and “disregarding the enormous problems with the existing testing and tracing programmes.”  


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