Was Ruthie at the Moonshine / Methamphetamine party with Boris & the boys?


By Brenda Steele:

Question 1a from Distorting-the-truthie Ruthie was about the launch of Scotland’s app. She was expressing doubts about the efficacy of the app as it is dependent on uptake and there will be people who don’t have access (is that too wee, too poor and too stupid?). She does not get the point that the app is an add-on to the basic system of Test and Trace ScotGov has set up in Scotland, and that system works pretty well. Perhaps she is confused because England put all its eggs into the (supposedly world-beating) app basket and then failed to deliver a workable app. The Test and Trace system in England doesn’t have a good track record so far.

Question 1b from Distorting-the-truthie Ruthie was about Operation MoonShine but she did not mention it by name. She did however quote professors Bauld and Pennington who say that “more than the current measures” are needed to eradicate Covid19. Ruthie asserted that this supported her claim that mass testing (i.e. Operation Moonshine) was the way to go. Ruthie used the word eradicate. That shows that she does not understand that the strategy Scotland is pursuing. ScotGov is trying to eliminate Covid19 – eliminate not the same as eradicate.

What was the context when the the Professors said “More is needed”  and when did they say it?  Did they say eradicate or eliminate? Did they actually mention mass testing? From what WHO has been saying it will take a vaccine to eradicate this disease. In the meantime, they recommend Test and track. They do not recommend mass testing.

Perhaps the professors should be asked so that this matter can be clarified?  

This is particularly important in view of the statements made by the BMJ. 

Critics have already rounded on the plans as “devoid of any contribution from scientists, clinicians, and public health and testing and screening experts,” and “disregarding the enormous problems with the existing testing and tracing programmes.”  



For more from the BMJ: https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.m3520

9 thoughts on “Was Ruthie at the Moonshine / Methamphetamine party with Boris & the boys?”

  1. You’ve crossed the line here Prof.

    Don’t you know that the Baroness is much too busy writing quips for her new LBC radio show to be across all the detail of coronavirus? To expect otherwise would just be to inconvenien(t)ce Ruth.

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  2. Rooth the Mooth
    Is a empty vessel and badly needs re education in the subject of English
    E.G.The last time man thought he could eradicate anything in the natural world was with deploying DDT to get rid of Malarial carrying mosquitos
    And we all know how well that ended up
    The Amount of DDT let loose in the environment is still after over 80 yrs. since its ban still at the same levels with the same terrible effects
    In fact the only strident efforts Homo Sapiens is currently conducting a process of eradication is one of global warming which will end up with tremendous success as Humans continue upon the suicide path
    But alas Rooth the Mooth has already committed suicide as far as a career in Scottish politics concerned
    After all was not that a year ago she was
    Going to be our First Mininster
    Twas her that has applied DDT as such upon her Ermine robes
    Ironic is it not that Ermine is also extinct


    1. Smallpox has been eliminated and now only exists in a couple of labs. Polio is about to become a historical curiosity too. That said the baroness remains a stain on the petri dish of Scottish society.


      1. Gordon McAdam
        Indeed Rooth the Mooth is a petri dish laden with dangerous pathogens spewing forth every time she opens her mooth
        And as such the lid must be firmly kept upon it along with isolation in the STERILE room that is The House of Lords
        Along with a prominent display front and back upon her ermine robe of a Bio Hazard Symbol
        Know thy Foe and call them out for what they truly are
        In her case Poisoned Ivy


  3. Ah, Hugh (Poison) Pennington, for the wannabee Baroness to twist Bauld’s observations to suit her mirage she would have to deploy the SiU’s resident Karloff stand-in as some figure of authority despite being reincarnated umpteen times, desperate stuff indeed from the Barrenless untRuth…

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    1. Shouldn’t that be Don’t-Call-Me-Baroness.

      My immediate thought whilst watching FMQ was “She sounds quite reasonable today. Less shouty and openly confrontational. She’s up to something…”


      1. Oh yes she us def.up to something
        But also licking her wounds from the previous encounter with Nicola
        Who sent her hame ta think again


  4. Thank you for this article. It is hugely concerning that the EngUKGov intend spending £100BILLION of public money on what may well turn out to be a useless waste of time and money, with little if any benefit to the people of the UK. Not just that, but they are driving this through with no guidance from actual experts, WHO advice etc? Jeez.
    It’s pretty terrifying actually. To test every single person in their ‘UK’ they would need to know where people are, and when, and what about those who pop over to France, or Spain for a couple of weeks, or thosewho might choose to hide in a bunker which seems like an ever more attractive option the way things in going in Britannia. How will they be tested!

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