Dross! Scots react badly to the new Scottish Tory leader

Survation’s poll of 1 018 16+ Scots, on 2nd to 7th September is the first full poll indicating how Scots are judging the new Tory leader, Douglas Ross.

On the Holyrood Constituency vote they remain at 20% still more than 30 points behind the SNP but with Labour closing.

Survation have not polled for some time but the YouGov poll one month ago also had them on 20% down from 25% in April.

On the Regional List vote they are down at 18%, no better than Labour despite their troubled leader.

For the first time for years now, on the Westminster vote, they fall to third place despite Labour’s huge image problems. A red card from Richard is a clear signal to Ross that his time is not long.

6 thoughts on “Dross! Scots react badly to the new Scottish Tory leader”

  1. Good to see positive result from D Ross being anointed (sorry, appointed) leader of the Scottish subset of the UK Tory party.
    The collapse in support couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.


  2. Cannot be long now, until DRoss gets measured up for his ermine cloak.
    He’ll get to sit on Bella”s knee, and bullsh!t with Giogio Foulksakia.

    From Dairyman to Dutchess in a few years———-“A Giant Leap for Spamkind”

    The Tory wet dream!


  3. “My fathers a coo parlour cleaner,
    He cleans it by day and by night,
    And when he comes home in the evening,
    His clothes are all covered in s…………

    Oh, polish your brass knobs with DRosso,
    It’s only a penny a tin,
    You can buy it or steal it from Woolies
    And Ruthie says it goes well with gin”!

    Apologies to generations of school kids.


  4. I do wonder how and why people like D.Ross get to such a position in politics and have folk who will vote for them.
    I mean he is clearly out of his depth .

    I see Donald trump now has a website that encourages people to register to become a trump election poll watcher.
    The idea is that once registered you are allocated a poll station and some stickers and flags, you then go along to the poll station and watch for people you think should not be voting.

    How you pick them out it doesn’t say but all the poll stations being watched are in states and areas where poor people, black people , Hispanic people and basically , where non white people live .

    It’s incredible that this is actually allowed.
    Surely it’s intimidation .
    Intimidation designed to prevent citizens carrying out their legal right.

    I hope this doesn’t come to U.K.
    but there’s a heck of a lot of junk stuff does end up copying itself to U.K.


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