The Scotsman’s decision to side with the UK Minister Grant Shapps and report to its ‘proud’ Scottish readers from his viewpoint, does not surprise. It is after all the home of a pack of frothing anti-SNP commentators, from former New Labour minister Brian Wilson to Tory councillor John McLelland. Scotland in Union’s Professor Pennington will have approved this headline.

BBC Scotland too, seemed likely to come down on the side of the UK government, and did:

Not for the first time, we have to go to an English newspaper to find out what actually happened in Scotland:

In the Guardian today:

The Scottish government said the English decision was made before ministers had properly considered data from the government’s Joint Biosecurity Centre (JBC). Separately, the Welsh health minister, Vaughan Gething, told the Guardian that data from the JBC on infections in Portugal was “clear” in pointing towards renewed quarantine.

Think about it; The SNP leadership or the the Eton Schoolboys running Westminster. Which group is most likely to be contemptuous of scientists and to want to ‘jump a gun‘ to clear the weekend for some ‘jolly‘ they have planned?