Anger at Shapp’s risk-taking

In this updated and improved version of an earlier BBC Scotland report titled ‘Coronavirus: ‘Scotland jumped the gun on Greece quarantine’, the team at The Tusker have re-ordered the content to make sure readers are not misled.

Moved from paragraphs 23 and 24, to 2 and 3 respectively, see this:

A spokeswoman said: “In the case of Greece, we had a worrying number of people in Scotland who tested positive for Covid-19 and who had returned from Greece within seven days of the onset of symptoms. We could not afford to ignore that growing threat to public health.

“In the case of Portugal, it was unfortunate that the UK government announced their decision yesterday before ministers from England, Scotland and Northern Ireland met and before considering the latest Joint Biosecurity Centre data. This indicated a significant rise in both the prevalence of the virus in Portugal and in test positivity.”

We spoke to Professor Sridhar about the above two statements and she assures us that most Scots can understand them and that the three who apparently could not, in last night’s Reporting Scotland street crawl, are not typical.

Mike Tibbert - Global Marine Travel

As for Mike Tibbert, of Global Marine Travel and vice president of the Scottish Passenger Agents’ Association (SPAA) who, in the BBC report, accused the Scottish government of playing games, with its “half announcements and teasers”, Professor Sridhar did not understand. The First Minister did offer us a photo of her eyebrows.

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8 thoughts on “Anger at Shapp’s risk-taking”

  1. The ‘lack of clarity’ trope has been a standard for the BBC since lockdown began. They contemptuously think that the public are incapable of understanding what the guidelines are. The daily phone-in – even with the usually professional Stephen Jardine – is a vehicle for sowing the seeds of doubt.

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    1. I heard on the radio someone in Peterhead stating that people could only be confused if they didn’t know which country they lived in… summed it up nicely for me 🙂

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    2. Dr. Sandesh Gulhane was excellent, strongly wanting people to stick to the Scot. Gov. Covid-19 advice. He told of the sacrifices he had taken to protect his family.

      Stephen Jardine said he was going out with with some people (to a restaurant?), he had found out that more folk would be there than originally planned. So Stephen told the nation he still has to decide whether to go or not. He was thinking of flaunting the Scot. Gov’s Health advice.
      Even after hearing from Dr. Gulhane Stephen Jardine didn’t see fit to say to the nation he would do the right thing and call it off.

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  2. I’ve been to Corfu
    I’ve been to Athens
    I’ve been to hydra

    I can tell you for sure the riskiest place was Corfu
    Pubs full of English people sitting shoulder to shoulder drinking to all hours
    No social distancing
    No masks

    What do you expect ,their prime minister , their government , all their newspapers radio and tv tell them there’s no problem with covid19 England is doing fine
    Meanwhile they spread it like wildfire
    But that’s in accordance with U.K. government plans isn’t it…herd immunity

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  3. I looked at this before midnight and compared it with coverage in the Wales section of the BBC website. Ours was
    Coronavirus: ‘Scotland jumped the gun on Greece quarantine’
    Wales was:
    Coronavirus quarantine rules: Differences across UK ‘confusing’, Grant Shapps says

    Interestingly in the Wales version (same picture of Shapps and mostly same blurb as from a release) the words “sort of… ” are included in Shapps quote.
    Wales put this as:
    Mr Shapps told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that Scotland “sort of jumped the gun” by introducing restrictions for arrivals from the whole of Greece.

    Interestingly after midnight the Scottish version has disappeared from the BBC website. You can still view it from the link above.


  4. The only people “playing games” here are Propaganda Quay on behalf of #10 to manufacture political doubt.
    For Schapps’s “jumping the gun” try “England dragging it’s heels again”, and as for those advising Scotland and Wales missing some crucial data, I seriously doubt Shapps knows a fraction of what those experts do.
    Tibbert is tacked on the end to imply the woes of the travel industry are down to lack of SG clarity, something his clients don’t seem to struggle with.
    A purely BBC confection with graphics for the hard of thinking. Glenn Campbell ?

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