Hannah Rodger is not the worst at the Herald. She has even responded to Twitter criticism of her writing in a manner that suggests she cares about standards. I’ve often criticised her judgement but this piece on Baroness-to-be Davidson’s spate with BBC Scotland’s Brian Taylor is fine.

If you cannot bear to ever click on the Herald, I understand. Here’s a wee bit:

RUTH Davidson complained after being referred as ‘Baroness’ by the BBC in a broadcast. The broadcaster’s political editor Brian Taylor made the remark when discussing the change in Scottish Conservative party leadership last month. However, Davidson, MSP for Edinburgh Central, was said to have been “furious” by the description and ordered the BBC not to refer to her by her future title. She is understood to have contacted the political journalist to complain about the reference.


I think her name in capitals suits her, SHOUTY!

Coincidentally, Brains Taylor is not the worst at the BBC and he’s a whole lot better than that other Brian at the Scotsman! Only a week or so, his big brain and delight in being brainy on screen allowed him to come in on the side of us GERS-deniers: