That’s not a nice face to pull is it, especially for a Baroness?

Hannah Rodger is not the worst at the Herald. She has even responded to Twitter criticism of her writing in a manner that suggests she cares about standards. I’ve often criticised her judgement but this piece on Baroness-to-be Davidson’s spate with BBC Scotland’s Brian Taylor is fine.

If you cannot bear to ever click on the Herald, I understand. Here’s a wee bit:

RUTH Davidson complained after being referred as ‘Baroness’ by the BBC in a broadcast. The broadcaster’s political editor Brian Taylor made the remark when discussing the change in Scottish Conservative party leadership last month. However, Davidson, MSP for Edinburgh Central, was said to have been “furious” by the description and ordered the BBC not to refer to her by her future title. She is understood to have contacted the political journalist to complain about the reference.

I think her name in capitals suits her, SHOUTY!

Coincidentally, Brains Taylor is not the worst at the BBC and he’s a whole lot better than that other Brian at the Scotsman! Only a week or so, his big brain and delight in being brainy on screen allowed him to come in on the side of us GERS-deniers:

18 thoughts on “That’s not a nice face to pull is it, especially for a Baroness?”

  1. If Buffalo Girl doesn’t want to be called Baroness, why not simply refuse to accept enoblement? However, that would call for a degree of humility and self-awreness, qualities sorely lacking in the Colonel.

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  2. Brian Taylor greeted when he announced that the Tank Commander was pregnant. Bit surprised she’s raging at him.

    The Uniform, Blue jaicket, red T shirt . . . The white must be the skin!
    Is that Haircut a likeness of Germany’s WW2 leader’s . Dont think he could compete with that scowl.

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  3. [ an aside: Well, to start counting from today, to give a percentage, we have:

    Slagging off a newspaper: 1
    Slagging off BBC: 1
    Slagging off a person: 1
    Good news stories telling us how fantastic Scotland is: 0

    So, that’s 33.3% (to one decimal place) so far today on the ‘slagging people off’ quotient. Just tell me when to stop counting,,, though that’s definitely not ‘most’ so you are winning this one 😉 ]

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    1. John. Nope.

      See comment on last page regarding ADHD and hyperfocus. It might go on forever and ever, it could be a permanent feature, unless something distracts me of course. And I enjoy analysing things, I can keep at it for ages, it was a good idea of yours to start counting – makes me think a bit more about what is actually being said.


  4. How did this get into the public domain? A leak from the BEEB?

    If the Boris Regime get rid of tanks in their defence review, will Ruthie still be a tank commander?

    Can Ruthie and her pals, Boris and Tony Abbott stop the Toadies from “tanking” in the polls?

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  5. What does untRuth want to be called then? She is headed for the HOL’s where she will be an unelected ‘Baroness’ making major political decisions about the people of Scotland. She will be paid £300+ a day and expenses. That’s £1500+ a week if my maths is correct. Why is she trying to hide that, once a trougher…always a trougher.

    Must be because the people of Scotland in the main don’t agree with unelected, massively over paid folk (from the public purse) being able to make crucial decisions about them, their country and their futures. No wonder she wants it kept quiet in Scotland!
    Baroness untRuth Davidson, let’s call her ‘Baroness’ now all the time.


  6. The key word deployed by Rooth the Mooth here totally reveal her inner soul
    And the Devil who resides within
    And that word is

    Like i said before if you are attentive the
    Devil WILL always drop its guard and the horns shall peek out as the Red eyes glare upon all with frustration and anger
    Along with the viscous wag of the forked tongue
    Get to know thy foes
    Even the weakened ones The Devil Shall never leave their inner souls


  7. Has nobody asked the question, prove it ?
    Baronless of East Neuk has a LONG association along with PQ buddies in promoting complete bullshit to boost public perception of her, I very much suspect this is yet another example…
    Publicity matters for snake oil salesmen, particularly when get you’re arse is being skelped on a daily basis in Holyrood and you need some street cred..


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