In an astonishing show of duplicity on Drivetime tonight, the new Scottish Conservative leader, Douglas Ross, cunningly exploited the words of a National Farmer’s Union representative to attempt to conceal the very real fact that he had voted against a parliamentary amendment designed to protect food standards in imports to the UK.

The rep was asked if any MP had ever voted to reduce food standards and of course said ‘no’, because, of course they had not voted for that but had voted not to introduce safeguards to stop that happening.

Then interrogated by Gary Robertson, Ross ignored the repeated reminders of how he had voted and repeated himself the NFU rep’s answer to the question of had he ever voted to reduce standards.

A remarkable piece of duplicity, unmatched in recent times.

Robertson and John Beattie seemed understandably shocked by it but Glen Campbell wasn’t going there, waffled around what is clearly a serious attempt to mislead the public and would not criticise Ross in any way before moving on quickly to report on the proposals Ross is making. For example the supposed need for a new three-lane motorway between Glasgow and Edinburgh was described but with no criticisms made, not even of the lack of any mention of the need to address climate change.

Footnote: Ross accused Robertson of getting his information from SNP cybernats! I posted that same information at 07:50am, late for me. Can I claim the credit or was some other SNP cybernat on before me?