Daft anti-SNP headline of the day!

So, MSPs have staff just as MPs do. Why will he not need staff if he moves? ‘Potentially’ means not very likely but it’ll do for a story, even a headline. A headline? No. Don’t be daft.

Is this anti-SNP bias? Don’t be paranoid, they’d do it for Tories too wouldn’t they?

Nope. No mention of his staff. He’s probably just going to take his current staff with him. You know the Tories, caring.

Ruth’s going to the Lords. I feel sure she’s taking all her Edinburgh staff with her. She wouldn’t just dump them. She’s a Tory, caring.

That Jeane Freeman, retiring! All she thinks about is herself.

4 thoughts on “Daft anti-SNP headline of the day!”

  1. Its just another day in the anti-SNP/Scottish independence British nationalist media, it happens so much now that people have grown accustom to their lies and deceit.

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  2. What of Carlots “leaders” staff? Dumped on the scrap heap?

    What of the workers abandoned, when Boris cut and ran to Old London Town? Screwed by a twister?

    They are out to defrock dear old Leotard. Are his careers and support workers to be abandoned in the rain and snow?
    Will Anas Sarcasm take them on? Wacky Baillie? Monica Lemmon? Loyalty isn’t the same since the Labour ‘Gers Club lost all their members—Moaningside being a Jam Tart.

    But the best is the Lib Dumbs off-shoring staffing needs to Tuscany. No Gypsys, coloured, Scots need apply.

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  3. The headline proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that if the Scottish Government find a cure for cancer the headline will be:’Scottish Government put doctors out of a job’

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  4. Why include Davidson? She won’t have staff as she does no work. All she needs is an answering machine that says “No one is available to take your call. Please leave your name and number after the tone, so we know whom we are ignoring. Goodbye!”


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