GMB/Labour lie about Scotland’s power offered up unchallenged by Reporting Scotland’s resident Labour councillor

After two admittedly fair reports on testing of children and young people and the use of the Louisa Jordan hospital, Catriona Renton, former Labour Party councillor, in a strangely hesitant and amateurish manner, slipped in a small but important lie about the closure of Hunterston B nuclear power station:

The announcement ensures that Scotland will be more dependent than ever on fossil fuels, largely imported gas.

This is another frankly astonishing claim which the BBC charter and editorial guidelines require it to have checked for accuracy.

BBC Scotland staff know well the true facts on any supposed dependence on fossils fuels, as in this Independent newspaper report one year ago:

As for imported gas, that too is a myth evident in their own 2016 report on one Shetland plant able to supply enough energy for 2 million homes:
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11 thoughts on “GMB/Labour lie about Scotland’s power offered up unchallenged by Reporting Scotland’s resident Labour councillor”

  1. GMB +Repressing Scotland + ex-Labourite = Bullsh!t.

    Lies and propaganda. Scotland is energy-rich, but our colonial media want us to believe the opposite.

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      1. And all the propagandists that never were
        Are washing cars and pumping gas
        .in Holywood . . . USA

        Scotland’s Holywood wouldn’t have been big enough for her


  2. She obviously has an agenda and her lies about Scotland’s energy output and capacity is a disgrace, yet she takes a rather nice wage from the public purse, to tell lies on tv. You can see the lies in the eyes.

    Scotland’s energy capacity is absolutley huge, and sadly the oil is abundant, but all she has to do is google the Scottish Governemnt website and look up ‘energy’ and er, you know, it’s all there! The ONLY way that Scotland would see the lights swtiched off, is if the EngGov decide to flick that wee switch as they did in 2014, a few power cuts here, a few power cuts there…who controls the er, ‘national grid’. Look it up, it’s US owned now and US/UK controlled…Scotland you better get the hell out before they really do cut off your power!


    1. Tis us that when Indy can throw the switch off down down south for them
      E.G. In Jan 2020 Scotland supplied 32 % of England,s energy needs and they know that and such needs by them can only grow
      Tis them this time round they have to confront their own propaganda and supposed power they have and must tread with the greatest of caution


    2. Whereas it’s true that control over all matters of energy lie outside Scotland’d border, even if none have tapped the seemingly endless supply of methane exhausted by Pacific Quay, that will no longer prevail in an independent Scotland.
      Catriona Renton’s repetition of a lie, wherever it arose, is blatant propaganda, but a sign of increasing desperation in BBC Scotland for SG negativity.
      Few Scots believe what PQ say on anything these days, but to attempt to do so on a subject which the public are very much clued up on is arrogance on steroids.


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