Though testing in Scotland has started to climb away from levels in the other 3 nations, the reported infection level per capita (below) is only half of that in England and only one-third of that in Northern Ireland, suggesting a very low underlying level.

While the infection level is also low in Wales, the much lower testing level there may conceal the true scale.

Not clear from the above one-day figures is the huge scale of infection building up in England where the 7 day average has been above 1 000 for two weeks now, on top of around 700 for the previous two.

While the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 gape open-mouthed at the horrors of Trump’s USA, they might want check their own backyard more often.

And, just over the border, some of our opposition politicians might want to reconsider their horror at the idea any border checks in Scotland.

In Germany, the USA and in Australia, border checks are non-controversial with infection level differences of a similar proportion.