4 thoughts on “Complaint as Catriona Renton claims: ‘Scotland will be more dependent than ever on fossil fuels, largely imported gas.’”

  1. If it was up to the BritNats they’d have Scotland filled with nuke power stations…(aside the very dangerous ones the BritNats plonked in Scotland already) and fracking, and if the Scots behave, they might get to travel around on horse and cart. Nuke power, nuke dump, nevermind this silly tidal or wind power! How these BritNat unintelligent, lying, scheming troughers, enemies of Scotland ever get into public office, is a freaking mystery.


  2. They scaremongered about education, the (Scottish) NHS, obviously Covid is being milked and lied about. Now it’s energy. Hmm, what else might the wee subsidy junkies be a tad scared about in the next few months, must be something else to scare the feart with! Hell there’s an election coming up in Scotland in a few months time!

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  3. Well done! This seems to me a straightforward case of misinformation.

    Yesterday morning, Mr Gary Smith of GMB who was interviewed about potential job losses – which is a serious concern – was allowed to make unchallenged and wrong assertions about renewables, nuclear and fossil fuels. Then, Ms Renton repeated part of this on Reporting Scotland, but she is a BBC employee, unlike Mr Smith. Then this morning a Mr Greatrex of the Nuclear industry was permitted to make similar assertions about the ‘necessity’ for nuclear and the ‘uncertainty’ of renewables (by which he meant ‘wind’). He was, to some extent challenged by Mr Bill Whiteford, who had earlier interviewed a representative of Friends of the Earth, who had made the case against nuclear.


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