In the Herald today from David Bol:

UNION bosses have accused the Scottish Government of “causing uncertainty and confusion” after announcing secondary school pupils will be required to wear face coverings – while all pupils will require the items on dedicated transport.

It’s the Worcester-based NASUWT with an undisclosed, but judging by the EIS membership, tiny Scottish membership, again. I think they have little presence in Primary schools so may not know what they are capable of.

So, 5 to 12 years-olds will have to learn that they only need to wear a mask on the bus but not in the school while the 12 to 18 year-olds will have to learn to wear a mask on the bus and in corridors/common areas but not in the classroom.

Oh no! How WILL they manage? Exam pass rates climbing? That’s all very well but can they put elastic round both ears and cover their nose and mouth as well? Oooh difficult!

Wait, there’s one wearing a face mask and patting his head while stroking his tummy clockwise! Maybe they can do it? We’re saved!

If only the Scottish wean/bairns could be like those in Worcester, where Boris says they don’t have to not wear them though he still doesn’t think they need to and where they’ll need to wait till the Head Teacher decides to tell them they’re in an area where they need to wear them. Do the wee ones need to wear them on the bus? I’m not sure. Boris didn’t say.