Man Eating Rat

It’s now two weeks since the Scotsman generated over two days the most appalling heap of rancid anti-SNP propaganda. I wrote to the editor to complain but he has not responded:

Today, they’re in full septic flow again with Brian Wilson leading the scurry with a disgraceful attack on hospital staff, the First Minister and Professor Sridhar.

Joining his pals in the Scottish Conservatives he has only personal insults to throw at a highly-esteemed academic whose advice is sought by many governments. We’re lucky to have her but somewhat cursed by his presence.

Ignoring as he must, as his argument collapses if he does not, the fact that we know for certain now that agency staff, not discharged patients, spread the virus in care homes, he contemptuously ignores the clinical decisions by professionals to discharge patients in their interest. Having written these responsible professionals out, he then accuses the First Minister of not knowing what was going on. Did Labour health ministers know what doctors were doing daily, exercising their professional judgement?

Then we have former Jack McConnell aide Susan Dalgety reminiscing fondly about the good old days of the Empire and the achievements of the UK Labour Party. She remembers fondly us standing side by side in the two ‘great’ wars, when millions died in agony and communities were shattered, in a first fought for the interests of the rich and powerful and in the second to clear up the mess made by those same greedy elites.

As for the achievements of the UK Labour party, that will be the extreme poverty and inequality barely changed after decades of unchallenged power in Scotland, the removal of the House of Lords, the abandonment of Imperial military adventures and the closure of the attainment gap in schools? No? Something else? A lordship for your former boss? Yay!

In the Letters Page, they should rename it Scotland in Union Opinions, two of their regular covert team appear, Allan Sutherland loving Michael Gove’s intervention and Hugh Pennington, the apparent inheritor of Alexander Fleming’s mantle.

I need to go and shower.