Chinese and Indian Scots do best in school exams

Grade distribution of the 2019 Estimates and Results at National 5.

In both the National 5 (above) and Higher results (below), there is little sign of discrimination by teachers in favour of white groups. White Scots tended to do less well than all other groups except the African/Black/Caribbean group.

While the differences are mostly not significant, the results for the Chinese and Indian groups are significantly higher.

Grade distribution of the 2019 Estimates and Results at Higher.

3 thoughts on “Chinese and Indian Scots do best in school exams

  1. It is possible the parents of Chinese and Indian Scots children pay for them to have extra tuition. However the whole approach to learning and what good results might lead to in adulthood, is likely less positive among some white Scots, and that would need to be looked at sociologically.

    Maybe a sociology study in general, to determine the scope of the negative effects of the union on Scotland’s population, mentally and physically.
    Though I suspect that is why the SNP have spent the last decade + trying to repair the damage of the so called union on the Scottish people. There is a long way to go yet though, and that work will all be reversed should a BritNat party get their scheming dirty hands on power in Scotland ever again. We must make sure 100% that they do not.

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  2. Paying for extra tuition? Possibly but that’s conjecture. I think it’s more to do with parental and cultural attitudes to educational achievement. Something that used to be commonplace amongst Scots familes, but has sadly fallen by the wayside over the last generation or so.

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  3. There’s nothing new here. We’ve known for a long time that the young people who do worst in Scottish education are white working class boys, boys of Pakistani origin and boys of African and Afro-Caribbean origin.  The robotisation of work is coming and that will strip out any remaining jobs for these young men.

    Does anyone have a plan to help them? 

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