SNP return to school strategy ‘in tatters’ as ONE in ONE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY pupils is kept home by understandably anxious parent

In the Herald today, contributing to the BBC campaign to close Scotland’s schools and force Swinney’s resignation, we read of one parent planning to keep her autistic son home because he is so anxious.

I’m sure we can all empathise. It must be a very difficult time for her. As someone who in my younger years might have been put on that spectrum, I know that crippling anxiety is one of the worst symptoms. Hopefully the school will be able to offer some blended learning to compensate for the time missed.

Perhaps the Herald and BBC Scotland could consider doing what they can not to add to the worries parents naturally feel? No? News values!

4 thoughts on “SNP return to school strategy ‘in tatters’ as ONE in ONE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY pupils is kept home by understandably anxious parent”

  1. Given the most outstanding level of the Heralds journalism and editing
    Most surely somehow a misprint has been allowed to slip through
    Please amend
    1 in 150000 to read
    1 in 15
    This was a genuine and natural human error as we ran to press and easily made
    Whilst hitting the key board
    Also most unfortunate both I and my immediate deputy had pressing matters
    To attend upon and deputised the final Edit
    Yours With the Utmost and Sincere apologies
    The Editor
    P.P The Proprietor

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  2. Perhaps ‘worried parents’ should be put in touch with the named parent given prominence by BBC Scotland on 21st June in an article entitled: ‘Coronavirus: ‘We will accept the risks for full-time school’.

    This parent – whose lockdown on Jura apparently ‘has been more difficult than many” – told us courtesy of the BBC that:

    “We want them (her children) to go back full time and we are willing to take the risks that come with that”.


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  3. I would have thought special measures would be in place for kids with autism in schools. The parent is perfectly entitled to home educate if only temporarily, because school can be very much the cause of anxiety in the first place never mind during a pandemic. Of course kids with autism will be more anxious at this time, adults as well, I deal with it every day, it’s very hard work indeed and just a tad er stressful.

    But wait, in another universe, this would all be 100% mirrored. The ScotGov would have delayed schools being reopened, and the MSM would be demanding that John Swinney resign or be sacked for denying the kids some schooling!

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