Carlaw, Fraser, Davidson, Tomkins, Leonard, Kelly, Lennon, Baillie, Rennie? No? You want Swinney? You sure? Folk will laugh.

Former Tory SPAD, Andy Maciver headlining in the Herald today with the above, writes:

THERE was a time when I wanted to be a Member of the Scottish Parliament. I wanted to do the job for the same reason that most MSPs want to do the job: I thought I could change public policy for the better, and help to create better lives for more people. I’d be lying if I told you all that I don’t still feel twinges from time to time, urging me to weigh in. However the notion now only invades my personal space after a glass or two of gin, before the burdensome impediments steamroller it.

Ha! He wrote this of his boss Ruth Davidson in 2019:

She is the undisputed Queen of the Union, and her iron grip on that throne at the expense of Labour is what doubled her representation at Holyrood in 2016, and delivered the 13 MPs in 2017, without whom Theresa May would not have re-entered Downing Street.

Leaving aside the over-confidence that he could do any better, the suggestion that the deeply honest, courageous and intelligent Swinney is a logical target for his critique leaves us splurting out our tea.

4 thoughts on “Carlaw, Fraser, Davidson, Tomkins, Leonard, Kelly, Lennon, Baillie, Rennie? No? You want Swinney? You sure? Folk will laugh.”

  1. Muciver is a right wing tory so we cannot expect honesty
    However as a journalist he does a
    Have an oath to HONOUR

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  2. Rubbish politicians are my fault? How so?

    I and a majority of voters in Scotland have rejected politicians in the Tory Party since the 1950’s and still these ‘rubbish’ Tories get to govern us from Westminster time and time and time again!

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  3. I have the simplest of question for him
    And i send a pre addressed post card 1St class stamp to give fair wind to his reply
    And a another 1st class stamp
    The card tis not for his answer
    But the back of the extra stamp is
    Q. With regards your most honorable and burning desire to change public policy
    HOW and What With


  4. ‘Twinges’. Hmmm, looks like he ‘weighs in’ anyway! Is he not allowed to vote or something? Most of us have no notion of being in high office but we do have a vote.

    Is he sure he didn’t fancy the lucrative £’s he would have taken from the public purse had he become a ‘public policy’ changer? Instead he is a part of the MSM, public mind controller.

    I wonder which ‘policies’ he would have changed, given the Tories in London are like shape shifters, dangerous changlings. They change policy and even law, at will. Which parliament would he have preferred, if the Scottish one, he’d be out of a job by now no doubt.

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