Siobhan Mathers, Lib Dem adviser

Early this mourning on BBC Radio Scotland:

You could smell the burning rubber from the handbrake u-turn but will the SNP’s volte-face to end the exams fiasco seem like incompetence of more like a listening government in the minds of voters come the Holyrood election next May?…. Siobhan [Mathers, Lib Dem adviser, Tory think-tank], how damaged are the SNP by this?


I think they will get away with it. I don’t think it is good for Scottish kids what they have done.

That’s quite an opening sentence from Isobel Fraser. Has James Cook been sharing his US experiences of ‘fair and balanced’ news at Fox? Her metaphors are murder and her opinion is open-razored – SNP’s volte-face? I’m a member with 40 years in education and can confirm that Swinney never asked me!

As for Siobhain, good guess, but said with a soor-face detectable even on radio. Given that three polls, around the same time as the ‘fiasco’ was splattered all over the Scottish news, show an ongoing surge toward 57% for the SNP, she might be right. Pundits, eh? You get what you pay for.

But, wait, not good for Scottish kids? Were the Lib Dems for sticking with the SQA algorithm? I’ve looked at Willie Rennie’s twitter feed and can’t see whether he wanted to stick with the SQA or accept the teacher evaluations. I suppose if you choose one you can be criticised so you’d better just say nothing about that?

Come back and tell us when you’ve decided. That 3-7% share of the vote needs looking after.