She said ‘England!’ Stone her!

Reading Ian Murray’s tweets and the Express article that so inflamed him, before checking the ‘offending’ piece by Professor Sridhar, with its single purely objective reference to England, I was immediately struck (sic) by a flashback to the above Monty Python sketch from Life of Brian Taylor.

It’s such a good fit.

She said ‘England!’ Stone her!

I only said ‘So both now face a stream of incoming infections from England and Wales.’

Stone her! She said it again!

There is a regular flow of people from England…’

She said it AGAIN!!! Stone her!!!

Oh no, now the Four Yorkshiremen sketch has popped into my head.

Eee, we ad to do with tit Rooshan vaccine that didn’t work

Vaccine! you were locky. We dreamt of tit vaccine. We ad to inject Dettol into our veins.

Dettol! You were locky! We dreamt of Dettol. We ad to follow advice from SAGE and just let tit virus pass trough tit village. Killed everybody, it did.


14 thoughts on “She said ‘England!’ Stone her!

  1. Well it is a sunday after all, time to let your hair down, easier for some than others eh?
    Loved the free-form thought, but the “Life of Brian Taylor” resulted in a mouthful of Pils spontaneously coating the back door, and the cat is none too pleased either.
    Whatever occasioned revisiting historic irony (which whisky was it or herbal cigarette?), it strangely reminded me of Marty Feldman and all those wonderful people who pricked the carefully constructed bubble of a portrayed normality, I like to think such mischief lives on beyond our age group, young man….

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    1. Only the staying alert reader spotted the Taylor.

      I’m a bit simple. The image of the cat sprayed with beer foam does it for me.

      The historic irony just popped into the front brain while reading Ian Murray’s tweets.

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      1. MrMurray was a publican (No, not a REpublican, perish the thought! He wants a gong or perhaps a K or even a ‘billet’ alongside the Colonel)

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  2. Quite a few of my well off (to say the least!) nasty neighbours have just come back from their hols as their kids are in private school so on extended hols, and scarily they use the same drying green for hanging washing out. TMI I know, but they will not be self isolating I just know.
    Because they are well off some come and go at weekends, likely have second homes in other parts of Scotland, and yes, some of them are English, most in fact. Some had grown up kids come up from London as soon as lockdown started, for weeks. Great.

    I am English originally, and very much not anti ( unlike some of my English friends in England!) but I will make a point of criticising those who put us and our (vulnerable) families at risk for utterly selfish reasons by travelling into Scotland when it’s not essential and some going abroad for holidays and not self isolating and using shared outdoor spaces! People are incredibly selfish, some more than others though.

    If only the Lapetus Ocean had not closed Scotland would be a seperate landmass to er, England. Damn.

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      1. This at the end of the article.

        The programme was made by Two Rivers Media, whose managing director is Alan Clements, Ms Wark’s husband.

        It was filmed, produced and directed by Bafta award-winning Sarah Howitt, who also made The Papers, a fly-on-the wall documentary about The Herald and its sister titles.

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