Ian Murray (Con) has tweeted extensively today attacking Professor Sridhar inspired by his favourite rag, the Daily Express. They’ve clearly got him well-wound up judging by a stream of incoherent demands for the prof to answer his daft questions, right now!

I though I’d better read the New York Times piece which in turn had excited Richard Percival at the Express so much.

The word English does not appear in the NYT article and England only in this one paragraph:

Scotland and Northern Ireland have looked ahead at the coming winter, and made a concerted plan to minimize community transmission to avoid a serious resurgence of the virus by using the summer to drive cases as close to zero as possible and to reopen cautiously. But neither nation has control over its borders because they are parts of the United Kingdom. So both now face a stream of incoming infections from England and Wales, which are behaving more like the rest of Europe, as well as from people returning from holidays abroad and not abiding by government advice to isolate for 14 days.


Is that all it takes?

Did they understand that the last bit is about Scottish tourists returning and not taking advice? You’d have to be really paranoid to think she, an American, would believe Scottish tourists were any less likely than English tourists to cheat on self-isolation.

Does anyone really believe Sridhar actually blames English people and not the UK Government?


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