Think about this. Those supposed social democrats, allegedly champions of a fairer society with a strong NHS and universal human rights are prepared here to encourage you and their admittedly few followers to read the ideas of Stephen Daisley in the Spectator, Boris Johnson’s natural home in journalism.

This is a plan to neuter the Scottish Parliament and, in so doing they hope, to nip the SNP and Yes surge in the bud. It won’t work, I know, but it’s a shameful and revealing move by the Fabians.

I’m reminded of how, in the Spanish Civil War, Stalin’s communists enabled the fascist victory by turning on the anarchists, preferring that to any challenge to their authority within the left movement.

Readers may remember Daisley. Here’s one of his earlier pieces:


According to Jason Michael of Random Public Journal in March 2017:

We remember when last year another great numpty of the Scottish unionist press, David Torrance, concocted his “Ulsterisation of Scotland.” Dragging the bitter feuds of old religious sectarianism and bigotry into the Scottish argument is nothing new. These people will do whatever it takes to safeguard the Union, even if that means bringing our country to its knees in a decades-long factionalised and violent conflict like that in Northern Ireland. And this is exactly where Daisley has returned. He has cunningly identified – read: imagined – Scotland’s Catholics as the stronghold of nationalism. He might be right in saying that 56 per cent of Catholics backed independence in 2014 and that only 40 per cent of Protestants did the same, but Catholics are no more than 16 per cent of the population – hardly a freaking stronghold.

Details, however, don’t matter in Daisley’s fantasy of a popish plot. Willing as ever to stir up a hornet’s nest, the clown has barged in there – all guns blazing. You Catholics, he explains, don’t understand your own religion, before going on to describe how the Catholics of Scotland should get back in their little box – just like “Mass-going, Celtic-daft Jim Murphy” – and start doing what their Church tells them to do. The Catholic Church, according to this nugget, is under threat from rampant Scottish nationalism; the cult of Nicola Sturgeon challenges the authority of the Pope and the dogma of the SNP undermines the teaching authority of the Church of Rome.

The unholy alliances to undermine the SNP are becoming more common. Private care home owners, Tory donors, the GMB and Scottish Labour should make uncomfortable bedfellows but we have seen them combine to attack the SNP.