Ross and Davidson double-act triggers surge in SNP support

‘You’re going to need a bigger graph!’

Four days after the announcement of the Scottish Tories’ ‘Dream Team‘ to take on the First Minister, a YouGov poll for the Times suggests they’re in deep trouble already, clearly unable to attract any more Labour supporters prepared to put the Union ahead of progressive values and watching those in favour of them and/or of Yes in the next referendum, continue to desert the SS Leonard.

I don’t suppose this will help for the next poll:

9 thoughts on “Ross and Davidson double-act triggers surge in SNP support”

  1. Andy MacIver, one of the Herods Brit Nit scribblers (and Tory mouthpiece) wants the Lib Dumbs eliminated, as their “policies” are too adjacent to everyone else’s policies.
    That’ll be three parties with nary a policy between them, morphing into two parties without a shred of credibility. Led by the Lord (sexist to call her a Dame) and the Plowboy.

    And they can sent their tag-team of dumplings up from the south, to lecture us about the Precioussess Onion (brings a tear to yer e’e), but it only adds to the gaiety of the moment before Independence Day!

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    1. Bringiton
      Great wish all will give this pair Top Billing
      Under the headline of The Laurel and Hardy show
      A fine mess guaranteed and a good old fashioned belly laugh at each and every performance
      But please do not let them loose upon a tank as you may just end up with a loose cannon


  2. Just had a look at a still photo of the chamber and see no sign of Carlaw where is he ???? has Davidson told him not to show his face.


  3. Brewer and Kerr really going to town in SNP bad just now,Kerr giving his pal Davidson the thumbs up,a right pair of barstewards.


    1. Thing is a large percentage of Kerr and GB’s audience would have watched Davidson taking a doing from the FM. Only the Deluded and Britnats would think Kerr and GB were making sense.

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  4. I watched Ruth Davidson attacking anyone and anything to do with the SNP, at lunchtime. What a sneering shit of a person she is. She deserves a ‘doing’ whether it comes from Nicola Sturgeon or anyone else with a (political) axe to grind.

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  5. And in her last ‘question’ she failed to… em… ask a question!

    Somehow don’t think the lady-in-waiting is going to have a pen supply big enough for the next few months.

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