SNP support seems unaffected by exams ‘fiasco’

As exam results arrived, from 8am on the 4th August, students disappointed by the gap between the awarded grade and their teacher estimates, began to tweet about it. By that afternoon, Scotland’s MSM had sniffed a crisis and were beginning to interview them.

By the evening of the 4th, we began to see reports such as that from Daniel Sanderson in the Telegraph:

Scotland’s exam body ‘in crisis’ after decision to downgrade 124,000 results sparks furious backlash. Sturgeon and Swinney insist “moderation” was necessary as teacher estimates were not credible, but pressure mounts for a u-turn.

The face of the emerging ‘fiasco’, as they began to term it, was soon John Swinney, rather than any SQA official:

This choice echoed that in previous media campaigns such as that based on supposedly infected hospitals where a worried Jean Freeman was always preferred.

The interviewing of mostly ‘A students‘, continued into the morning of the 5th and escalated throughout that day as opposition politicians began to pile in.

At the same time, on the 4th and 5th of August, YouGov was contacting 138 adult Scots to ask how they would vote in the next Westminster election.

54% chose SNP, up from 51% in an Ipsos MORI poll on the 30th July to 4th August, 45% in a Survation poll on 31st July to 3rd August and 49% in a YouGov poll on 30th to 31st July.

These are all quite small sub-polls but there is certainly no evidence there that the exams ‘fiasco’ will have any more traction on support for the SNP than did the earlier ‘crises’ over hospitals, Derek Mackay, the Alex Salmond case, the GRA or who gets to stand in Edinburgh South.

6 thoughts on “SNP support seems unaffected by exams ‘fiasco’

  1. Indeed quite the opposite effect might be forthcoming…
    The SQA furore is but the latest in a string of contrived scandals in the media, what the public smell may be good for the roses but it does little for credibility of journalists and politicians who insist the electorate rub their faces in it.

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  2. I wonder what, if any, connection to YouGov this man continues to have.

    This poll caused a stooshie in The National.

    Some recent tweets from What Scotland Thinks and what the links say.

    was not around for long enough to disturb the pollsters much. But here is what there was.”

    @Paul Hutcheon
    “NEW: YouGov poll finds nearly 60% of Scots do not have an opinion on “invisible” Labour leader Richard Leonard

    – favourability rating of minus 28
    – minus 14 rating among his own voters
    – 69% of women don’t have an opinion

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  3. “John MacDonald
    31 Jul
    Replying to
    You know that ‘Leonard Scunnered’ would make a great headline at some point. You can use that if you like.”


  4. If every real ‘fiasco’ was pinned on the UK government in England, surely they’d be toast by now.

    The so called media in Scotland attempting to control the narrative, but it’s just not going their way is it. Good.


  5. “”As exam results arrived, from 8am on the 4th August, students disappointed by the gap between the awarded grade and their teacher estimates, began to tweet about it””

    Did the teachers actually tell their pupils what grade they were submitting to the SQA for them? If they did surely this was completely unprofessional when they knew the process of deciding the final grade was not by any measure complete? Even revealing the provisional grade after the final grade was decided is highly questionable.

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    1. Think about the logistics, it’s ludicrous.
      If as has been bandied about by the media, 125,000 pupils were furiously tweeting their teachers from 8am I doubt any teachers would have engaged with their first coffee let alone be drawing on their records of estimates for every subject for every pupil from their laptop or memory.
      This has been a rehearsed and orchestrated “outrage” from the beginning, right down to the “hundreds” protesting in Glasgow sharing more journalists that they had placards, four I spotted in various poses, Clyde and Banana Boats come to mind.
      If they weren’t so bloody obvious they might just have gotten away with it, but the general consensus appears to be “Mair keech”.


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