No point: Scotland’s covid-tracking clearly works in practice but does it work in retrospect?

In the Herald today, Martin Williams tells us:

MINISTERS have admitted it [sic] is unable to demonstrate the effectiveness of its flagship coronavirus track and trace system – as Scotland’s schools re-open amidst concerns over Covid safety. The Herald on Sunday can reveal that while details on the effectiveness of contact tracing south of the border have been available for weeks in advance of their schools opening in September, the success or otherwise of Scotland’s two-and-a-half-month-old Test and Protect system is not expected to be in place till the end of the month.

Say, the Scottish system had failed in Dumfries or Lanarkshire and was failing now in Aberdeen, don’t you think we’d be hearing all about it?

But, but they seem to have been too busy getting on with the job to bother putting together a report to satisfy people like Williams so he has a story, he thinks.

But, but, they have details in England!

I don’t know which details he means but unless they’re fabricated, I feel sure the situation is dire across the England.

For example, The Tusker can reveal that while there is not yet published evidence of the effectiveness of the Scottish system, there is equally, no evidence from anywhere that it is not effective but the effectiveness of contact tracing south of the border is known and it’s bad, very bad.

First, from our near neighbours in the North West of England four days ago:

Failings in the NHS Test and Trace system are “hampering” efforts to bring Greater Manchester’s coronavirus spikes under control, the mayor has said. Official figures show just over half of contacts in the region (53%) had been successfully traced up to 4 August.

Then, if you just do a wee search:

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4 days ago – A spokesman for the Local Government Association, which represents 300 councils in England, said: “Many people do not answer the phone to any unrecognised …

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3 days ago – Thousands of England’s coronavirus sufferers’ recent contacts are failing to go into isolation after they were not reached by NHS Test and Trace. Of Covid-19 …

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5 days ago – Evidence published today (Tuesday) shows that England’s privately-run test and trace system is unlikely to prevent a second wave of COVID-19. UNISON has …

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5 days ago – … told the BBC: “The face fit is either a pass or a fail and there are more fails on … in England in the week ending 29 July were reached by NHS Test and Trace, …You visited this page on 08/08/20.

Coronavirus: Government must replace failing test and trace … › News › UK › UK Politics

2 days ago – “The local tracing figures are absolutely clear: we saw the complex cases … basically [those] locally chased by Public Health England’s health protection teams,

3 thoughts on “No point: Scotland’s covid-tracking clearly works in practice but does it work in retrospect?”

  1. Its just the Don Quixote effect, for ever chasing windmills, guess they will run out of steam, bile, nausea etc, it would be good for the mental health of most of Scotland if that was sooner rather than later, very impressed with your due diligence and perseverance towards the cause of true reporting, many thanks Bob

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  2. Scotland’s track and trace system has been in place for a very long time and has simply been scaled up to meet the challenge of Covid19.
    Unlike England where the Tories have been dismantling their public health service and now rely on political stunts to give the appearance of managing this crisis.

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