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From: Brenda Steele:

The author of the EUREFERENDUM  blog is Richard North – a Flexiteer (i.e. wanted a Norway type deal).  I read the blog because he hates the EU and BoJo and his Brexiteers with an almost equal passion, and so has some interesting viewpoints.   He is also quite knowledgeable about technical stuff as it relates to the EU.

In this piece –   

Coronavirus: about time, this snippet caught my attention:

Nagpaul says more use should be made of the NHS’s £400 million-a-month deal with private hospitals. The NHS should also look at using the seven Nightingale hospitals it created early in the pandemic as extra capacity for non-Covid care.

A bit of googling unearthed this:

Neither Richard North nor Dr Nagpaul mention that Scotland is well ahead of them with this idea. 

Here is the BBC report of 5th July:    

Coronavirus: New role for NHS Louisa Jordan hospital

People who have had healthcare postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic could be treated at the hospital constructed to help Scotland fight the virus.

The £38m NHS Louisa Jordan was built at the SEC in Glasgow in April but it has not been needed during the outbreak.

Health Secretary Jeane Freeman said the facility will help the NHS “recover” from the effects of the virus response.

It will initially be open to some orthopaedic outpatients this month.

Actually, the germ of the idea goes back further to early May:

Professor Jason Leitch was asked if the hospital could be used as a ‘Covid-free’ hub for cancer patients who have had treatments including chemotherapy or surgery delayed due to the risks. Dedicated hubs have been created by NHS England.

He said it was more likely that hospitals such as the Golden Jubilee in Clydebank or private facilities would be used for cancer treatment but said it was possible that NHS Louisa Jordan could be used for other routine care.

Let us give credit where credit is due – to the Unknown Questioner the charity Cancer Support Scotland event.