Imperial Master Sunak jumps the queue leaving locals stranded!

The Conservative’s Islands Campaign continued today with Chancellor Sunak avoiding those nasty urban Scots and following the PM’s strategy, to avoid getting shouted at by locals.

Yes Bute were caught off-guard at first but rallied to send him back homeward to think again of becoming PM.

In true nasty party style, his motorcade jumped the queue leaving locals stranded. A source told us that his car had a bumper sticker reading: ‘Eat my dust, peasants!

There is of course irony in his visiting Rothesay, a placed which welcomed more Syrian refugees than his constituents would have allowed.

5 thoughts on “Imperial Master Sunak jumps the queue leaving locals stranded!

  1. “I borrowed all this money, and The Great White Boris, cross the border* sends a little to you.
    Show some gratitude for your servitude”.

    *–May exist in O.S maps, but not in Toryland.

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  2. Back of the queue Scottish serfs! What? You needed to get to work? Ha ha, tough! Scotland, move aside, the Tories are coming to an Island near you, (Scotland has many Islands) plan your life and journeys accordingly, servants of the crown!


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